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Facial Flushing Same Time Every Evening


I'm a 20 year old male with no major previous medical problems except for IBS I rarely need medication for. The only other thing worth mentioning is arthroscopic shoulder surgery 4 years ago from a sport injury. I have fair skin and have had rosacea for about 6 years. Over the past several months, however, I have noticed that my face gets very red and hot the same time every evening. It's so precise now that I can estimate the time just based on how I feel. This is usually from 5 to 9:30 PM every night.

I have seen two dermatologists who originally thought I was doing something to trigger it. I've kept food logs, don't drink or smoke, no drugs, don't drink soda, healthy blood pressure and weights. I avoid the usual triggers including spicy and hot foods. I've had blood work done to check for thyroid problems, vitamin deficiencies, Lyme disease, celiac disease, CBC, etc. Everything came back normal. As mentioned previously, I've kept food logs, avoid exercise in the evening, and don't go from indoors to outdoors around the time it happens. My doctors have been unable to help and, as a still unexperienced med student, I'm out of ideas myself.

The only other thing I could imagine is stress, yet this occurs even when I'm home without school, work, or anything to worry about. I did take Cymbalta for anxiety a while back and this was a problem while on and off the medication. Part of the reason my doctor suggested stopping was to see if this issue resolves.

Could this be stress that the Cymbalta did not help with and I'm unaware of? Or something else. I'm absolutely stumped here.

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replied January 10th, 2011
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Hi kylecnj:...I would put my money on stress...You would be surprised how stress can bother you...Yet, put you somewhere else without a clock nor knowing the time of day and the problem is solved...I would say to stop worrying and enjoy life...Take care...

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replied March 4th, 2013
have you been tested for carcinoid/ neuroendocrine tumor? quick blood & urine tests (chromagranin A and 5-HIAA) are the first step to eliminate that possibility. ibs is an often wrong first diagnosis and flushing is something in combination with ibs symptoms that should be evaluated to eliminate this rare possible issue.
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replied March 27th, 2013
Hi kylecnj,

Did this issue ever get resolved.Curious what your fix was, as my wife has a very similiar issue.
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