Dear Sir/ Maam
i am a 25 year old unmarried girl. My problem is that i have dandruff (brownish patches ) on my face which has declined my beauty . Due to this my face looks ugly and i want to have fair skin without any scars, patches or anything. I have regular periods and i dont have constipation what could be the reason behind such facial dandruff...Is there any Home remedies? i am afraid of cosmetic surgery.

Thanking in advance..
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replied October 14th, 2013

You could be suffering from Seborreic Dermatitis.
Its a skin condition where the scalp and facial skin can flake and turn red. Particularly around the nose, eyebrows and chin.

I have suffered the condition for many years but have recently got it under control with a natural and simple method.

Sea Salts!

Morning and night a wash my face in the shower with high quality seas salts. You can't use table salt as it doesn't have the same minerals. Try either Dead Sea or Himalayan salts. I use the Himalayan and it made a dramatic difference the first day!

After you have warm water on your face to open up your pores, take some salt and gently massage it all over your face... leave it on for a few minutes... I usually leave it on for the remainder of the shower. Then rinse off. After you leave the shower, rinse your face in cold water, pat dry and wait a few minutes. Your face may feel a bit dry the first few times. So use a good eczema/dermatitis cream. I use Hopes Relief.

After a couple of days I was completely clear! Its simple, cheap and natural!

Give it a try. Hope it helps.
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