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i was dianosed in 2007 having facet joint bone disease, ive been taking oxy since 2007 5/325 mg its not doing anything for me any more.
i was over a freinds house today and she gave me one of those things to sit on masages you back with heat..i used it about 5- hours of being there when i came home i was so much pain and the pain is in my back betweeen my shoulder blades both sides. i have never used that before today.
i also had a reaction of having very bad spams in my stomach do to i have IBS.the pain was awful.
the pain bewteen my shoulder blades and wright where a women wheres her bra and the snaps on your bra... ive never had this pain before, is some thing diffnert what is it can anyone asnwer my Question.hurts very badley Question
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replied March 9th, 2009
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Can you be more specific when you state you have facet joint bone disease if you don't know the facet joints are a pair of small joints towards the rear of the vertebra that guide motion of the vertebra.

I am guessing that you have arthritis in these joints this can be pretty painful you don't need to have compressed nerves to be in pain.

Facet joint arthritis is an indication that there is a degenerative process going on in your spine including the discs that may worsen over time, and cause disk problems you would need a current MRI to find out what condition your spine is in.
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