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Eyes dart around uncontrollably.

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See, my whole life my eyes dart around in random directions uncontrollably. I can look someone in the eyes for only a few seconds and then my eyes will dart again. As hard as I try I can't stop it. I've been searching to try and figure out what it is but nothing matches up. It's becoming distracting because everyone points it out and it looks as if I have a nervous habit. It's not that I can't look people in the eyes because I'm not confident or anything. It even does it i'm not talking to anyone. Please, if you have any idea.. help me out.
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replied August 25th, 2009
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An unintentional jittery movement of the eyes is known as nystagmus.
It could be a benign condition appearing as an isolated problem not associated with other conditions, or it can be eye-related, ear-related or caused by an underlying neurological disorder like multiple sclerosis.
Nystagmus is often exaggerated by looking in a particular direction and may be associated with certain vision loss.
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