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Eyeball vibrating ?

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My eyeball feels like it's bouncing/vibrating/shaking...almost like it's trying to focus but can't. Almost like my eyes are trying to go cross-eyed and I'm fighting to keep them from it (just the one eyes). I try just closing the other eye to see if the weird one will focus without the other one...but it doesn't stop. It's making me really tired at the end of the day...just trying to keep them straight.
I do have an ear infection and have had many over the years due to a cleft palate, I thought maybe an inner ear problem might be the cause of this.
I'm pretty sure it's not my contact lenses.
I do have a muscle imbalance in my eyes that my eye dr told me I automatically fix on my own...I wonder if this has anything to do with it or if it's the ear infection?
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