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Eye straining at the computer or in the t.v.?

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I would like to know what complications in the eye,if a person is staring too long maybe for about 8 hrs a day in the computer or in the t.v.? and what percentage or is there any possibility that it could result to laser eye surgery in the future?

There are greater than 50 percent who uses computer more than 4 hours who experience eye strain, blurring of vision, headaches and other visual illnesses or problem resulting to sustained hours use of the computer. This kind o stress on the visual system can also cause tiredness which reducing the efficiency of the body to work.

But there are many prevention to reduced eye straining by adjusting to work and time management, correcting posture, or using infrared keyboard so that you will not have to stare the computer more closer, and lenses particularly prescribed for computers.
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