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Eye problems! seeing ALOT of "after images"

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So I've been seeing ALOT of "after images" when I look at EVERYTHING! It's not just lights anymore! I see it when I look at people too! I don't know if I just notice it now because of my anxiety or if these migraines are causing it! But it's SO annoying. I also feel like I have bouncy or jumpy vision, I'm super sensitive to light.

Has anyone had this before? Do you know what it is?

Btw, I'm new on here Smile
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replied February 1st, 2015
I'm dealing with a glare issue. Almost like I look at anything indoors and it reflects and stays in my vision. I could look at a person and close my eyes and see an outline of them and it stays there when I open them. Looking at a wall is like a white noise affect/shiny. Not sure if this is the same but I went to a EYE MD, checked out fine. Went to a Neurologist, getting an MRI on Tuesday.
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