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Eye pain?

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I've had an ED off and on for about 11(?) years; usually EDNOS, occasionally they change it to anorexia.
At the moment, I don't have a psychiatrist or anything. My eating problems had all but disappeared for a while, but I was recently hospitalized for something unrelated... I can't stand hospitals. I've never been able to eat while in them; they take everything else away from you, and that just feels like the last thing I have. So I didn't eat for a few days.
It wouldn't be a big deal except that since I've gotten out my ED has been back full-force. At the moment, I'm actually at the high end of normal weight-wise, but it's dropping quickly. I have an hour and half long "conditioning for fitness" class 5 days a week, and my calorie intake is averaging around 400 a day. I'm trying to keep hydrated, but tend to not get thirsty and have still been getting dizzy, sick, headaches, and such. All of that is rather expected.

My question is whether anyone else has ever experienced severe eye pain when restricting and working out a lot? It feels rather like someone just stuck their hand into my head and started squeezing my eyes. Generally, it happens when I notice I'm dehydrated, getting dizzy more often, etc. I've never heard anyone else mention this, though, and wondered if I am just weird or if it is a normal side-effect of what I've been doing...?