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I had root canal 2 days ago.
And now I have been having weird symptoms.

got a headache with pain behind the eye like it was going back through my head. The headache wasn't that severe. I was still able to function normally but it was an odd headache and it was on the top of my head the same side with the pain behind the eye. The other thing I noticed was that my vision seemed a little hazy .
I have pains in my eye.
the eyelid feels really heavy as if its trying to be forced closed it could be the eye muscles or maybe the eyelid but its hard to tell its like something is pulling it down. The other thing I've noticed is that it seems my balance is slightly off. I am still able to walk in a straight line and balance on one foot but when I go to walk a specific distance, its a challenge to keep walking straight at night it gets a lot worse.
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replied October 22nd, 2012
Please if you can an e-mail alert telling you that you have a reply, please comment as I am currently having the same symptoms as you and am very worried. I have pain in the eye above where I had the root canal and my eyelid feels very heavy as if someone is trying to pull it down.

I had a root canal 2 weeks ago, I felt the eye thing come on a little after that. I had the root canal again 2 days ago as the first one wasn't successful in getting the infection out. The eye pain is much worse now after the second time. I've been to an optician and a Dr and they say it's fine - may be the nerves irritated behind the eye?

I am back in 2 days to get the final part of root canal done but am worried if they do more it will get even worse and not have a chance to recover.

Please reply with what happened to you. Thanks.
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replied September 17th, 2013
i have the exact same symptoms..please tell me is your symptoms cured now? it is so pain ful for me, please email me...thx a lot for your help
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replied September 17th, 2013
pain left eyelid and left neck pain after root canal
Your symptoms is the same as me...i also has a pain eyelid and feel heavy after the root canal, endodontist root canal my 3 middle upper teeth, and the root canal fail after 6 months treatment...a lot of opthalmologist don't understand and said my eyes is just fine....plz inform me is your symptoms already cured? it is very disturbing for me, thx for your help
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replied September 17th, 2013
Hi there.

Pease don't worry. I know how stressful all of this is and it really made me panic. I will be honest and say my eye is now perfectly fine. I would say it took 3 - 4 months for my eyelid to heal. It gradually became less heavy over time. Although I did get it checked and they said that it was to do with the nerves in my face being tampered with via root canal.

My root canal tooth is still in my mouth. It still doesn't feel right tho. Not painful, just not right. I would like to have it pulled but everyone thinks that may aggravate the nerves more.

I saw lots of doctors, dentists etc. I found a GREAT dentist that I completely trust. The root canal tooth still hasn't been properly finished. It has a temp filling in it that had lasted a year. I know that is not ideal but I am still worried about getting work done on it. That will have to happen soon though or pull it.

Let me know how you get on.
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replied September 17th, 2013
Sorry also meant to say that some of the excellent medical people I met said if this happens it can take up to 6 months to heal. Not ideal but at least it gives you a rough timescale x
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replied September 19th, 2013
thx a lot for your reply Jojo, but i'm afraid my case is not that simple...i've been struggling to cure this illness for almost 2 years

I’m male 32 years old(165cm, 60kg)

Year 2007 : falling hard to the ground and 3 upper middle teeth fractured, gum abcess(periodontis), root canal by cresophene and rockle, then crowned…my gum always bleed when I brushed since then

28/04/2012 : one day when I’m eating, suddenly I feel something rush up going from behind my legs, behind my butt, behind my back, left side right side of my neck, left side right side of my forehead, and eyelid immediately in severe pain…From that moment on, all of that part is having severe pain and all these symptoms suddenly come at once :
- Hard to breath
- Unable for erection
- Weird feelings on testicles
- All muscles from head to toe become weak, like I’m a very old person, no strength and no motivation in life
- Walking makes me tired
- Constant severe pain all over the body
- Eyelids feel heavy and very painful
- Severe heavy headache
- Confusion
- Become stupid, hard to understand what people said
- Chest is not comfortable when hearing loud voices such as movies, live music
- Cold hands and feet
- Weird dreams and nightmares every night
- Cannot concentrate
- Ear ringing
- I hold myself not commiting suicide everyday because of these constant severe pain
- Severe stiff neck on the left side and right side, I can’t even move my neck because of the severe pain
- Get mad easily because of the constant pain all over my body
- Headache increase and want to pass out when hit by direct sunlight or air conditioner
- Feel dizzy and want to pass out when eating at the restaurant or junk food

28/04/2012 - 11/02/2013 : go to many great PhD doctors and professors almost everday, a lot of blood checked, many hospital, many internist, some ENT, some clinical nutritionist, many neurologist, many neurosurgeon, many ophthalmologist, some psychiatrist, some cardiothoracic vascular surgeon, some dermato venerologist, digestive surgery, urology surgery, allergy & immunologist, acupuncture, massage, herbal medicine, even some priest and paranormal…NO result at all !
Done 2 times MRI, 4 times thorax, brain CT-Scan, Sinus Paranasal CT-Scan, 2 times retina photo, EMG, OCT Optalmoscope, Humphrey test, abdomen USG, 2 times testicles USG, 2 times heat echocardiography, a lot of EKG, gastric USG…But everything was fine

11/02/2013 : I initiatively check my teeth, no doctors told me to check my teeth, and there is no pain at all in my teeth or gum…but the panoramic x-rays surprisingly shows that I have a problem in my 3 upper middle teeth, the endodontist said it is a cyst, so the endodontist clean the dry pus inside the 3 teeth canal, she also feel weird when cleaning the dry pus…Oral surgeon said dry pus is not a cyst but a granuloma and there is no way dry pus can be inside the teeth canal unless there is a leaked from above…After the dry pus inside the 3 teeth canal is cleaned, suddenly I awake at dawn because a lot sands come out from my eyelid, I don’t know what it is but it is very small, hard and sharp(every dentist and doctors don’t believe me when I told this)…After the sands comes out from my eyelid, ALL of my symptoms healed at once, 100% cured ! But it only last for less than a month…This is why : I continue the root canal for more than 5 months to clean the pus on my 3 root teeth because i don't want to loose my teeth…Guess what ? yes, the symptoms came back and the root canal result is a failure after more than 5 months

11/07/2013 : I decide to extract my 3 teeth but the symptoms don’t go away after the extraction…The symptoms that came back until now are :
- Gritty eyelid, it always become worse when the endodontist inject the calcium hydroxide…Every ophthalmologist said it’s dry eyes but none of their medicine cure me, this gritty eyelid started after the second time of root canal treatment…I said there is a sand inside my eyelid blood vessel, it’s not a sensation, one oral surgeon told me that calcium hydroxide(caoh2) can leaked into the blood vessel and make tissue necrosis, calcium hydroxide also can become hard and become bone but no ophthalmologist understand, their medicine didn’t cure my gritty eyelid +making my eyeball worse…now my eyeballs is very red, water often comes out of my eyeball, a lot of needle is stabbing my eyelid+eyeball, it is all because of the eye medicine…gritty eyelid is also still there after trying to many famous ophthalmologist…I’ve checked my teeth again but the x-rays shows nothing
- Pain and stiff left neck but not as severe as before, right neck is having a mild pain
- Muscles from head to toe become weak but not as severe as before
- So hard for erection
- Weird feelings on testicles
- Weird dreams sometimes
- Constant mild pain on this part(behind my legs, behind my butt, behind my back, left side right side of my forehead, and eyelid…It’s where the problem started on 24/04/2012)+gritty eyelid
- Mild headache

i regret doing the root canal, maybe it will be a different story if i extracted right away at that moment when i've healed 100%
There is a testimony of people that had a root canal and suffer these severe disease for years without any result...The symptoms is the same as me.
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