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Please review my post carefully as it is lengthy. If you are a Dr. please reply with your professional thoughts and ideas. This has been quite an enigma with no clear cut answers.

1. 1 Retinal Specialist said he just didn't think I had Solar Retinopathy - the other said I didn't have it
2. The Neuro-opthamologist I am seeing said I do not have Solar Retinopathy and that I didn't have an eye problem at all but rather a brain problem. The only brain issue that has come up to date has been that of a pineal cyst that has changed slightly from 3 months ago way before this event. Size of cyst on original MRI 10mm x 9 mm x 7 mm new size is 9mm x 9 mm x 8 mm. The person's initial thoughts were that this may be the issue but has to still review the films.
3. Several doctors including a retinal specialist and Neuro-Opthamologist both believe the sun incident is a red herring for what is really at work here including a Corneal Specialist who said my cornea's looked great.
4. I have seen a Neurologist who doesn't know what to make of my symptoms and doesn't believe the cyst is the issue, since it has relatively no change in size and no other changes were evident on the MRI.

I am seeing a psychiatrist and am on Zoloft 100 MG and Ativan 3x a day .5 mg to keep my anxiety and stress and depression under control - I'm afraid I will never see the same again and that is very very scary.

Based on all the details below what are your thoughts and or suggestions. I'M REALLY OPEN TO ANYTHING AT THIS POINT. While everyone has said that this is a transient thing 2 straight months of little to no changes in any symptoms has me wondering what's really going on. I have never had anything close like this happen to me medically.

The Neuro seems very committed but other than a low vitamin D level of 17 which I am now on a 50,000 IU pill once a week for 8 weeks and a small corneal abrasian that was in my right eye and was healed via the eye drops 6 days later we have nothing. Advanced bloodwork for things like Lyme Disease is still pending and I will know answers to that next week when I have my follow up appointment.

__________________________________________ __________________________________________
Drugs taken - Present / Past:

Humira - for 11 months 1 time every 2 weeks | Stopped 3/12/2010
Enbrel - for 5 years on and off | Stopped April 2009
Chinese herbs 3 times a week about 3/4 of a cup per serving (only consumed 4 batches of herbs total throughout treatment | Stopped 6/5/2010
Medicinal Marijuana | Stopped 6/15/2010
Vitamin D - 1,000 Mg a day | Stopped 7/1/2010
Sambazon Acai Berry Capsules | 2 or 4 a Day, serving size = 2 capsules 1,000 MG | Stopped 7/22/10
Milk Thistle - 400 Mg. | Stopped 7/1/2010
Ambien | took 2 nights only | Stopped - 10 MG Dose
Lexapro | 5 MG | Stopped after 2 days – blurred vision side effect and increased anxiety
SolaRay - Valerian Root Extract| 1 pill = 230 MG Valerian Root – 50 MG Extract | Stopped after 1 day – blurred vision and increased anxiety; took 3 pills in 24 hour period.
Multi Vitamin - Mega Men
Zoloft - 75 MG – Have been on for 6 days
Used to combat Stress, Anxiety and Depression associated with current traumatic vision issues

Ativan - .5 MG As needed but have taken up to 3 a day ok by Psychiatrist
Used to combat Stress, Anxiety and Depression associated with current traumatic vision issues
__________________________________________ __________________________________________ _
Incident Details:

Eye Wear: iC Berlin Corrective Lenses (wrap style w/ UV coding)

Tuesday June 1, 2010 I was out walking. Near the end of my walk I looked at the sun in the following manner. It consisted of quick 1-2 second glances – 2 at a time. Glance, glance then walked a few feet. I did this 3 times. Then walked a while further did it again and then walked almost to the building of my work and did it once more. So a total of 10 stares each stare 1-2 seconds tops probably closer to (1, 1000 of a second) time wise and then time in between. Most glances were a quick head nod up down and only a couple where there was a good direct lock on the sun but even these were for no more than a second to second or 2 at most. There was at least a couple of seconds in between each glance. After coming inside and looking at my computer the word “Google” was flying around in the center of the screen (it was like spin-art) and was doing so in strange colors in a strobe like fashion.

Only symptoms: Blurriness most notable in right eye and especially at reading levels of distance and eyes were burning.

As a result I left work early and bought Visine for my eyes. 1 time was right before bed.
o I used this about 2 times this day. A couple of drops in each eye.
o I used this the following day about the same number of times in the morning – a couple of drops in each eye.

Visiting my optometrist 4 days after the incident on June 1, 2010 which was June 5, 2010 they noted (and this has been the only finding to date on any exam or test) a mild / minor corneal abrasion in my right eye. When I saw the Ophthalmologist 2 days later – June 7, 2010 the abrasion had healed as he didn’t note any. The Retinal Specialist also concurred with this opinion when he saw me 2 days after that June 9, 2010

Wednesday June 2, 2010:

· Woke up in the middle of the night my eyes were burning maybe 2 AM blurriness was more visible in the right eye – used Visine again which helped briefly and then I worked on an email to my Optometrist. By the time I got an email back was mid-morning. He said stop Visine and switched me to Systane Ultra and Systane Nighttime. Which I Systane Ultra was used 4-6 times daily 2 drops per eye and Systane Nighttime was used right before bed for about 2 weeks. I then continued with Systane Ultra off and on sometimes using it up to 1x per hour as directed by my Optometrist to control dry eye and the irritation.

6-2-10 NEW Symptoms: Around 3 or 4 PM in the afternoon suddenly my vision felt off in that there was an odd distortion like things were slanted. I went and got the Systane medication after this occurred and left work early. A credit card looked closer to a parallelogram especially on the left side and still to some degree has this effect today. The same could be said about an 8 ½ by 11 sheet of paper. All this is with my glasses off and was never noticeable before. That evening these other symptoms became present:

Incredible Light Sensitivity
Odd Line Distortion – Squares and Rectangles don’t feel perfectly square
o It seems street lights and signs have a slight tilt to them like nobody planted everything straight in the ground. Left right angles seem worse than right side right angles.
o I sometimes feel squares or rectangles to this slight bowing of top or bottom lines or side lines like at the very top or very bottom of one of the sides. Most noticeable when walking on a sidewalk. It seems like while the lines are straight they angle more than they ever used to (slant more).
o Putting something at an angle seems to help in visual perception of shapes. Like moving the laptop screen closer to be closed seems to make it a perfect square whereas pushing it out seems to make it look like an upside down or right side up trapezoid. Lying on my side appears to help somewhat with shape dissemination
o Turning my head all the way right makes text and objects clearer and sharper than any other angle.
o Sometimes a square inside a square looks more square than the square outside the square like a picture frame effect. Ex#1 – Looking at Yahoo IM on my flat 22 inch monitor at work now looks like the left right angle of that IM window either slants or curves down. The right side right angle doesn’t appear to do this.
o Sometimes covering up the right or left eye will make the right or left side of something look straighter like a credit card
o A web page will look bowed too when its content is centered or especially on a full screen on a widescreen monitor it will look like the edges are concaving in. Especially with my glasses on.
o Looking at something while lying on my side to then moving into an upright position made certain things clear and other things less clear
After Images – Will look at many light sources and have an after image.
o Example: I will look at a clock and then moving my eyes causes me to see an after of the clock almost move around the clock depending on where I look.
o Example 2: I will look at the word Google on the home page and looking left or right produces a similar after image just not as intense as the first day.
o Example 3: I will look at a light coming through vertical blinds the light and then avert my eyes to a mirror or TV and I can see those lines still and it take several blinks or seconds for them to go away. First they fade to black shadow lines and then they completely disappear this can take up to 20 seconds sometimes.
o Example 4: If a light hits a surface like the side of my TV and then I move my eye to the black screen I will almost see a faint circle that will quickly fade out – it’s like the James bond circle but much fainter.
o Example 5: A 3 hole punched piece of paper – if I look at the holes and advert my eyes I will get an after image of the 3 holes.
o Example 6: I will look at a door frame and dart my eyes and then a black (faint) vertical line will come across my vision – this is a transient but annoying effect.
o Example 7: I will look at the top of my mirror and then look down while lying in bed and I get the same effect as in example 6 but horizontal.
Seeing little pixel sized light flashes when my eyes are open or closed - these are appearing sometimes out of my peripheral vision but sometimes happened straight ahead.
When I look at solid colored walls it appears that they have a bit of shimmer or that they fade in places maybe they shouldn’t or like they have extra fainter shadows.
Look at my computer monitor in low light especially causes me to see lots of mini flashing pixels - well they appear to be flashing and moving fast. Most noticeable on a white background although this effect seems to have subsided somewhat.
Night vision seems to be worse and a lot grainier than I ever remember it being
Shapes don't seem quite right - squares and rectangles seems to have a trapezoidal effect
Changing the angle of plane of an object or shifting the object to the far right of my FOV can correct angles not being perceived correctly. Ex#1 – Moving a piece of paper to the right of me fixes the left side of that paper not appearing straight – going to the left however doesn’t fix the problem.
Generally things feel distorted / tilted / crooked.
Moving my head causes the environment to apparently “shift” position as well. Ex. 1: Lying in bed and then sitting up-right it feels like the room moves upright instead of just me. Ex: 2 Turning a corner at work results in the environment seeming to shift after I have turned. Ex#3 – Moving my head side to side when watching TV changes the shape of the TV into more of a parallelogram one way or the other. The same effect happens when I look at my computer monitor.
With my glasses on there seems to an effect now that wasn't there before like it what I am seeing is like a computer monitor (best example) feels like it has a curve like an old tube TV instead of a flat look like it used to have. Additionally the sides of the monitor seem to come inward like an upside down trapezoid.
Differences in color intensity (i.e. in my left eye "red" seemed a little lighter and in on my right side red seemed a little darker. I am red green color blind but it appears that this may have been intensified or worsened by this experience. Colors overall seem duller than they did before. Especially in the yellow, green, red, orange and blue hues. White doesn’t seem as intense either there sometimes (usually with text) appears to be a little faint yellowish ness behind that but that might just be blur.
I saw in my right eye something that looked like a white strip down in my field of vision maybe a couple of white stripes down the middle. This happens in different ways when looking at the computer monitor. I can illustrate this better than I can type it.
When looking at pattern - such as on a carpet pattern one color or part of the pattern seem to stick out more to me than the other part of the pattern when i switch eyes like a black and white checkered pattern - white prevalence in one eye - black prevalence in the other
I seem to have more floaters now than I can ever remember having one black one in my right eye and then several clear ones in both eyes. There are a lot of clear ones including a couple of dots and a lot of odd spider web looking ones. They seem to come and go and are annoying.

6-9-10 NEW Symptoms: After going to a Retinal Specialist and having a Fluorescein Angiogram completed I started noticing that evening the following symptoms:

Light Sensitivity
Starburts around many light sources – that get bigger as I move away
Headaches and Stomach Aches – almost constant for 6 weeks every day to some degree. Headaches would usually be worse later in the day with wearing glasses of some kind whether they be prescription or not. Stomach aches usually happened in the morning
Difficulty sleeping- for the first 6 weeks I was averaging about 3-5 hours per night waking up to urinate and then going back to bed
Dehydration – I have felt dehydrated often since the event
Lack of appetite (although recently it has gotten better)
Weight Loss (weighed 177 before the event got as low as 152 – I’m back up to now about 162)
High Glare Sensitivity – It’s as if every light source provides a sheet or light feedback in the form of streaks or full on sheet
o Blinking and looking at a light background when in a Movie theater or on a TV.
o Blinking and looking at a sun spot hitting the car (which is already bright causes light to streak back at me or off the spot

Light Streaking that occurred most when I would blink. This happens more noticeably at night but started happening during the day.
Depth perception feels off – the entire environment and objects in it just don’t seem right

7-14-10 – 7/25/10 NEW Symptoms: After going to a Retinal Specialist and having a Peripheral Retinal Exam completed which came back normal the following started occurring:

More Starburts around almost all light sources indoor and outdoor, day and night – that get bigger as I move away and smaller as I move closer. They look like firecrackers in doors but headlights looks wild angry stars flaring in all different directions.
Double Vision & Ghost Images especially without my glasses and especially when watching movies. During the day time it is most noticeable with signs and traffic lights.
Blurrier Vision – Despite reading at 20/20 with my corrective lenses on 7/14/2010 I find text and other things a little blurrier than before (i.e. looking at my cell phone). Right eye still seems to struggle more than my left.
Fonts – Parts of letters will appear missing mostly when watching TV – that is until I get closer to the screen. Looking at the number 2 on my answering machine made me see ghost 2’s all the way around
Reading Difficulty – Has happened more when driving – it is harder to read signs with sunglasses on whereas before it was easier. It looks like a lot of words / letters of words are doubling over. Reading up close has also become more difficult.
Night Driving and Night vision – appear to have gotten worse as well primarily due to the starbursts and streaking but there seems to be some shimmering and increased “noise” at night.
The Moon – Appears to have many moons – like a ven-diagram of moons
Even Higher Glare Sensitivity – It’s as if every light source provides a sheet or light feedback in the form of streaks or full on sheet
o Blinking and looking at a light background when in a Movie theater or on a TV.
o Blinking and looking at a sun spot hitting the car (which is already bright causes light to streak back at me or off the spot
Increased Light Sensitivity
Saw a white circle when I blinked – this was around for a couple of days and was transient (it would come and go). First it happened only with rapid blinking then it happened with some regular blinking depending on my condition. After Tuesday 7/20/2010’s 2nd retinal exam this seemed to go away. I hope it stays gone but is a reason I want to do a thorough blind spot test
Field of View seems narrower at all distances – it feels like I have to step back further to see more of what I could see before. Ex#1 more people in a circle of people Ex#2 more of the computer screen from a certain distance – it almost feels like everything besides what I am focused on is out of focus – but this could be normal and I could be hyper-sensitive. Again I would like as much blind spot and focus testing as possible to examine this.
Focus – Seems to go in and out sometimes I feel like I control this sometimes I don’t.
My nose – It seems like when I look right with both eyes left with both eyes or straight ahead with both eyes that I am seeing my nose more than I ever remember seeing it. Whether it be the tip of it or the side.

Can we conclude if these visual disturbances are as a result of permanent damage?
Are these changes in vision transient?
Are these changes in vision in your professional opinion a result of looking at the sun or of something else entirely?
Was the sun a possible trigger for these new visual disturbances?
A Retinal Specialist and many others contend that that sun was a “red herring” for all this – would you agree?
Is there anything that will fix my visual disturbances (some or all)
Will I ever feel like I did again prior to this incident? Question
Did you find this post helpful?