I am really worried that my son blinks a lot sometimes. He just started like 2 months before, I am just wondering, Is it some kind of bacteria, virus or his eye muscles have become weak. Is there some cure for it, how long does it last.
I would appreciate if someone could answer my question.
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replied March 26th, 2010
It's not uncommon for young children to go thoruhg period of what seems excessive blinkinf from time to time.
By itself, it's not normally a sign of anything sinister.

If it's associated with any redness or discharge from the eye then it could be caused by some inflammation at the front of the eye.

Likewise, a lot of eye health workers feel it can be a sign of reduced vision.

Has your son ever had an eye examination?
4 is a pretty good age to start getting them tested and then you would know for sure.

Hope this has been clear, feel free o post again if you have further queries or I have been unclear.

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