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Eye allergy? Pictures included, please help!

I wear soft contacts and my main symptoms are slightly sore, puffy, watery and red eyes/eyelids.
Also, if i keep my eyes open for longer than 2 or 3 seconds, my vision starts to go cloudy (as in the contact lens goes cloudy not my eyeball, so it must be some kind of substance on the contact lens?)

The weird thing is these symptoms are 90% in my left eye, and very rarely in the right eye. I clean my contact lens with peroxide, i have also used traditional multisolution but symptoms didnt change. I use a protein remover tablet once a week, still hasnt helped.
Doctors gave me FML steroid drops which have helped by maybe 20%, but havnt resolved the problem completely. If i cut the dose down the symptoms get worse.
I have been on them 5 weeks now, eye pressures are fine.

Any idea what the cause is? Ive been told it could be hayfever or other allergy, but ive had this on and off since around April, so i doubt its hayfever?
One doctor said it could be a contact lens allergy to the protein build up on the lens. But if thats the case, using a protein remover would in theory help, also the symptoms are only in 1 eye, so that doesnt really make sense. I do drink a lot of diet coke, could the caffeine be causing it?
Any help please?
Here are pictures:

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replied August 26th, 2012
Did you find this post helpful?
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