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extremely painful stomach

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Hi. quite frequently i get extremely painful stomach aches/cramps.
this week i have had 2. before then perhaps once every 2 months or so.
it doesnt seem to be related to food.
this morning i was in so much pain i found it difficult to move, my stomach felt very tight and every few seconds a new wave of pain would come and go.
the pain is all over my belly from about 2 inches below belly to 3 inchs above. it is quite a dull pain but very strong, it would feel like if i were to stand up something may give way and snap or break or pop.
i dont think it is related to food, all i eat yesterday evening was muesli.
it is worrying because this morning, if it hadnt gone away i would have had to call an ambulance im sure. because, for example, ive had my leg broken so bad that it is literally hanging off, and i would much rather the pain from that then the pain in my stomach.
im not sure what to think. do other people frequently get stomach aches where their only relief is to try and roll up in a ball? and it still hurts like hell.

its gone now so im tempted to forget about it but i dont know. should i?>
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replied April 4th, 2008
You could visit your GP for a clinical examination (inspection and palpation).

You could also perform several laboratory tests: blood count, hemoglobin, sedimentation, CRP, liver status, kidney status, urine analyzes etc.

An abdominal ultrasound scan could also provide valuable information.
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