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Extremely Painful Menstrual endometriosis? or dysmenorrhea?

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I am a 20 year old female and I have extremely painful cramps during my menstrual cycle. I begin getting cramps about a week before my period starts, and the cramps become much worse once I actually get my period. I got my first period when I was 13 years old, without much significant pain. I continued to get my period, somewhat regularly (I generally get my period on the same day, but at times it can be three to four days late or early). I didn't have any kind of intense pain during my menstrual cycle between the ages of 13 and 16.

When I turned 17, I began to notice a significant amount of pain during my period. Over the last four years, this pain has gotten progressively worse. At this point, I cannot function at all during my period. I get such severe cramps that I often can't move at all, I can't even leave my bed. I have passed out due to the pain, though this has only happened five times. I often throw up because of the pain, and have very painful bowel movements. I can't control my body temperature and get chills, or get so hot I'm pouring sweat. The pain becomes so bad I can't talk, eat, or drink anything (whatever I do eat or drink won't stay down). This has certainly affected the quality of my life, and now the pain has gotten so terrible that I am missing almost a week of school every month.

About a year ago, my doctor told me that I had a Vitamin D deficiency. I read somewhere that this can cause menstrual pain. My dr gave me a prescription for Vit D, which I took, but I saw no significant improvement in my period pain. I now take a multi-vitamin every day and also supplement that with liquid Vitamin D pills. I have been taking 4 vitamin D pills a day during my period, and one multi-vitamin. It seems to be helping, only slightly though. Can my body really be so deficient in Vitamin D that I need to take 4 pills a day to see improvement in my health? I'm essentially getting 400% the Daily Value of vitamin D.

In all other aspects, I believe my period is basically normal. I don't have a very heavy period, and the blood is a healthy color. I have noticed that there are sometimes "clots" in my menstruation, I don't know what this is or if it could indicate something wrong.

I have gone to a 2 gynecologists, my primary physician, Drs at my school, and have gone to the emergency room 4 times (mainly because I throw up so much that I start to have blood in my vomit, which freaks me out, but also because I can't deal with the pain). My primary dr put me on oxycodone for the pain, but it just knocked me out. Even though the pain was gone, I still wasn't able to go to school or function, and that's what I'm trying to do--be able to function on my period again.

Could I have endometriosis? Or is this just dysmenorrhea? Could my period pain have to do with my vitamin deficiency? Is there anything I can do to lessen the pain other than using pain killers?

PS. My dr also told me that I have good Iron levels, so I don't think I'm anemic though I don't know. I also had an x-ray of my uterus and was told it was fine, I don't know how you know if you have endometriosis or not....But please let me know what you think or just give me any kind of pertinent advice. Thank you!
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