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extremely large tonsils, which throb. mono, strep negative

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Hello. I am a sixteen year old girl and have been sick for about four months now. It started with the flu, and I was throwing up and had an extremely sore throat. It lasted for about a week. During that time, my tonsils also were very enlarged. Since then, I have still had extremely large tonsils, which throb. Also, I am extremely fatigued, sleeping up to 16 hours a day sometimes. Headaches, muscle aches, and an uncomfortable neck are also occurring. My left lymph node is swollen (my left tonsil is larger than the right,) and my neck is constantly feeling uncomfortable and painful, especially under my jaw. I have just noticed a semi-large bulge above my trachea right under my jaw (could be adams apple? but reallly dont think so..) Mono and strep test both negative. been noticing depression for last 3 weeks.. help?

also please try to respond fast.
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