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extremely emotional! Early pregnancy signs?

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Do you think I'm pregnant?? :))
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Ok... So I've been searching the Internet for a week now to find out an nothing is really answering my question... So maybe y'all can help :)

Alright well I had my period 2 weeks ago and then it stopped but then I've been spotting ever since. I've always had a really normal period and have never spotted before. The spotting is still continuing to this day... Also I have been EXTREMELY emotional like everything makes me cry recently even songs.. It's weird. Also I have been constantly tired like sleeping every chance I get. I've felt nauseas a few times like I'm going to throw up but I never do. So I don't think it's morning sickness or anything. I took a pregnancy test 3 days ago but it was negative but I don't know if it could be too early to tell I'm not supposed to get my period again until the end of next week. I also don't know if I am over thinking everything bc I do really want to be pregnant so I'm scared to buy another test and it say negative too:/. I bought one of those real cheap ones the first time and it said to look at it after 2 minutes but after I peed on the stick I had to take my dog outside and that took closer to 10 minutes. I don't know if that would affect the results or if I'm just hoping. Haha another thing, in the past I have used a different brand of test and it said to leave the stick face down for the time so that's what i did but after reading the negative results I read the whole direction packet to see if I messed anything up and it said to leave it face up, would this also impact it? I WOULD REALLY APPRECIATE ANY INPUT.. Thanks y'all:)
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