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Extreme sinusitis episode with all symptoms but yellow/green dis

First i am a allergic person, extremely allergic to dust mites, i have deviated septum, shortness of breath, turbinates hypertrophy, sinus pain, etc. it all started in 2015, but i used to be allergic as a kid and had shortness of breath before (but not as often as i do now).
So ok, my common everyday symptoms are stuffy nose, clear/white mucus, cough, shortness of breath, sneezes, bearable sinus pressure, post nasal drip, runny nose.
But some times a year I have a crise which it gets so much worse for me, I had one recently this Wednesday and Im still having but i no longer feel sinus pressure, just the throat pain and stiff neck.
But wow it was so bad, i cant believe it wasnt a sinusitis just over a mucus color when i had all the symptoms of a sinus infection!
It started with a EXTREMELY PAINFUL THROBBING HEADACHE (sinuses, head), that when i stand up it would get so much worse and id start to feel dizzy, and when i walked it has gotten even more worse. Horrible! And seeing the light would make it hurt more, my sinuses were burning, then I had a mild fever still with the pain, throat pain (when i swallow, i never have throat pain in most days with my usual allergic rhinitis symptoms), congested nose, shortness of breath, white mucus, yellow phlegm, reduced smell and taste, fatigue, stiff neck, malaise, etc. now, in the third day, im feeling better, no more sinus pressure, not even a little, just still with the throat pain and the usual allergic rhinitis symptoms with no sinus pressure.
I had chest X Ray, face X Ray, spirometry, CT scan, nasal endoscopy all done , the chest torax X Ray came back all normal, so did the spirometry. But the face X Ray showed pansinusitis (which would mean sinusitis in al my sinuses?) and the CT scan showed alterations too, so did the nasal endoscopy (showed pale nasal mucosa, turbinate hypertrophy and 2 deviated septum areas).
Im going to go tomorrow to the allergist to show her the face X Ray results, im using a antihistamine and a nasal corticoid spray she prescribed me and also a asthma inhaler when i have sob crisis (i have difficult inhaling air, not exhaling). For me, the only cure for this would be the allergy shots for some time and the septoplasty, turbinate and sinus surgery, but i dont want to do those now, im moving to another country which will be safer to do those things than here and im scared of general anesthesy, many people die to it in my country, and i have shortness of breath crisis due to the dust mites allergy reaction so im afraid, i rather wait for that .
I also had a igE bloodwork done, which showed my igE levels are > 2500 !! And the normal level for a adult would be 100 and im a 20 years old girl . I have a dog and a cat at home, but it showed i dont have allergy to them , only types of dust mites which are very high.
So , what do you think this crisis I had recently might be? Of severe very severe throbbibg sinus pain with throat pain and mild fever? That the sinus pain and headache lasted 2 days? The sore throat remains. And i had a H1N1 shot few months ago, i dont know if theyd work for the Flu too or the cold. Is it possible to have a chronic sinusitis with some severe short acute episodes per year? And even if a person has alllll the sinusitis symptoms just not the yellow or green discharge it isnt considered sinusitis?? How this can be? If my face x ray results showed PANSINUSITIS and i mostly have clear or thick white mucus. I do believe i have allergic rhinitis and sinusitis. Because i produce lots of mucus due to the allergy to mites reaction, and with my deviated septum plus the turbinates hypertrophy theyre even more worse to drain properly , causing them to be stuck and my sinuses and nose all stuffy, so bacterias can easily go in there and cause a infection which i think happened recently but the severe headache and sinus pain lasted 2 days.
So what do you think this severe episode could be? A acute sinusitis in a person with chronic sinusitis and allergy? Even without the nasal yellow/ green mucus? I never have such symptoms in usual allergic rhinitis symptoms, but a mild sinus pressure.
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replied October 2nd, 2017
Thank you for asking at Ehealth forum!

I read your question and i understand your concern. These are all associated symptoms of your sinusitis due to anatomical deformities. Get an otolaryngologist and lt them operate on your deviated septum and turbinates and you will be good as new.

I hope it helps. Stay in touch with your healthcare provider for further guidance as our answers are just for education and counselling purposes and cannot be an alternative to actual visit to a doctor.
Take care
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