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Extreme period pain and excessive bleeding

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I have been going to my doctor for over a year now and still my problem is not solved - so I thought I'd get a few outside opinions and suggestions: hello!

Ever since I started my periods (at 11), I have had very extreme pain and excessive bleeding. Earlier on it was mistaken for appendicitis fairly often, but I was then told after a few months of that that the problem was ovarian cysts that "just happened" and would come and go on their own.

The pain has been ridiculous in the past few years. It is usually on the first and heaviest day of my period. It starts as a dull ache and then progresses into a sharp, stabbing pain in my lower right (previously thought of as my appendix) abdomen which slowly makes its way to my back and legs. I find it very hard to walk and generally just lie down wherever I am. The pain is excruciating and often accompanied with vomiting - worse than anything I have experienced. However, the horrible pain only lasts for around 30 minutes, after that it is just a dull ache again, which is also fairly bad but much more preferable to the other pain. Lately I have begun to faint and get numb hands, too.

The bleeding is very heavy on the first few days, I have to change pads very, very frequently. The pain is nasty and I want to get rid of it - painkillers have very little effect. I have recently started college (I am 16) and really can't afford to take time off.

My GP has been trying me on various contraceptive pills to control the bleeding, but the one that worked perfectly made me very depressed, and of course it didn't do anything for the awful pain.

I am sorry for the gruesome details, but I desperately want some second opinions on this. It is controlling my life way too much now - I get into bad moods for at least a week, can't sleep... Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated! Thank you Smile
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