I experience sharp, shooting nerve pain in the front of my leg approximately half way between my ankle and knee. This is excruciating pain which comes and goes on a daily basis with no reason that I can possibly think of. Some doctors think it is referred pain from my back, but cannot find any evidence of this. I've had MRIs, Bone Scans, Nerve Conduction all which show nothing. A recent doctor thinks it may be scar tissue in my leg which is touching off a nerve. Either way my GP has told me that he won't refer me to any more specialists and I will just have to live with the pain! Easy for him to say! This has such a big effect on my quality of life, I hardly go out with my friends any more as the pain can ruin it and my poor husband is at his wits end having to see me in pain.
Neurofen takes the edge of the pain off, but nothing takes the pain away completely. I've been prescribed (in the past) morphine, amitriptyline and plenty of others.

I seem to be a mystery case for my doctors and any help would be very much appreciated!
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replied May 6th, 2012
I am going to a cardiologist for echo, doppler... of the legs to r/o PAD. My venous study was great. I am not a smoker. My pain is intermittent but usually along or near bone. At rest or with activity. We are just starting to investigate the possibility of lymph involvement.
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