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EXTREME nausea when driving

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Every time i drive i get EXTREMELY nauseous. i feel it especially in the middle of my upper stomach up under my breasts (not on them in the region under them). Im not pregnant. the nausea gets 20 times worse when im a passenger in the car. i have tried laying down and closing mmy eyes thinkning it could be my eyesight but it didnt work whatsoever. It doesnt matter how long a drive it always hapens. I feel nauseous also in my throat. Even when i am not driving i still feel like somethings wrong with that same spot. My eyes are sensitive and hurt anywys bc i c through fluid behind my eyes. i also have headaches that ibuprofen or tylenol does not help. and alot of the time i feel like my heart is racing (dont know if that has to do with the nausea) i tried motion sickness medicine and claritin (bc my previous docotor said it could help with balance). none of it helped.
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