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I'm a 21year old male.

I have extreme absent mindedness, short term memory problems, and had mood swings and maybe even borderline depression.

Problem is, I don't know how all these started and I've never been like that before. For the past few years, I've been struggling to cope with the above stated symptoms and the consequent (seemingly) lost of ability.

All this begin when i was around the age of 14. At that time, I faced considerable stress from school and at home. My parents were constantly trying to make me into what they wanted, and on my part, I was a stupid kid rebelling for the sake of wanting to be different.

From age 15-18, there were times when I thought suicide was the easy way out, and there were nights when I cried myself to sleep. It was around the same time that I begin to have, or it could be that I begin to realize that I was suffering from memory and attention problems. I don't know which.

A classic example can be seen from lectures in school. They were usually an hour long and at the halfway mark, I would start experiencing fatigue beyond measure. It was as if that if I lied down on the table, I could probably go to sleep immediately.

The irony (and most painful part) of this was that I had no problems learning at all.

There were no problems with understanding complex theories or equations that two thirds of the class couldn't understand. I could and would even explain what I learnt to my 'slower' classmates.

However, all these new found knowledge go up into smoke the day after. Somehow, I couldn't remember how to go about resolving those problems anymore.

I felt like the smart guy that never was. And it was torturous, like a bird in a cage that had wings but couldn't understand why it could never fly into the horizon.

From 16 onwards, I went into a cycle of mood swings, developed an inferiority complex and a habit of eating when I was sad (which was when I became obese). In front of family and friends, I was a healthy, fun-loving young adult. But I was broken.

On the neurological end, I felt bouts of numb tingling sensations to the back of my head (on the right) and also ocassionaly on one side of my face. Such episodes lasted not more than 10 seconds each time, and at a frequency of once a month.

I also noted a few incidents when water spilled out of my mouth while I was drinking and saliva dripped from my mouth before I could realize it.

I never could figure out if it was the emotional problems that resulted/contributed to the onset of memory and attention diffculties, or the other way round. Nevertheless, they sure helped each other into a never ending, downward spiraling cycle for me.

These problems were at their peak when I was 17-18; I failed my college promotional examinations and had to do a repeat year.

Since then, I've sorted out myself greatly. Some problems have gone away quietly on its own such as the bouts of numb tingling sensations at the back of my head. Also, I no longer feel as fatigued as before. However, the memory problems still persist and it has been affecting me significantly.

This is especially so with absent mindedness that seems to have grown with my new job as an accounts assistant. Following are 2 examples:

1. I answered a call for X (a colleague) and was told to write something down on a another guy's table. I got it done, only to realize that I was holding on to X's pen from his table. Didn't even realize that I had grabbed his pen.

2. 5mins ago, I completed X company's accounts. Now filling out Y company's details on a document, I wrote down X's company name instead. I didn't notice the error until another colleague pointed it out to me.

These could be common mistakes but if I am doing it once a day at the age of 21 then I reckon there must be some serious underlying problems with my head.

It's affecting me, it's affecting the people working around me because they have had to take extra precaution while working on my input and simply and undeniably, it makes me seem real stupid.

I went to see a neuroscience doctor last year, did some MRI scans and stuff but (fortunately or unfortunately) all the tests came out ok. The only noteworthy thing the doctor said was that the only reason for me having memory problems would be depression, which led me to think that the above neurological problems could be somehow linked to my emotional state of mind stated in the past.

I was googling for 'absent mindedness forums' and ended up here.

I don't think there are any solutions but hopefully, someone could offer a miracle pill for me to try / talk about similar experiences / give an explanation as to what I'm suffering from.

If you made it to the end of this post, I wish for your forgiveness for my rantings.

To a better tomorrow,
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First Helper spiltmilk

replied September 25th, 2009
Regarding Absent-mindedness and Depression
I found your post exceedingly useful.


Walter Yergen

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replied December 10th, 2012
I have same exact problem and I'm so stuck in it right now. I can relate to line by line of your post, it's almost creepy. Please tell me how are you figuring it out. thanks
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replied February 6th, 2010
a personal opinion
I should not worry about your absent-mindedness...there are also other people like u (me, for example) can try to rotate from time to time u're attention on the things around u..( the absent-mindedness is the result of focusing on other thing than you're actually try to stay focus on what you're doing)
Second, I understand how u fell..i have the habit to eat when i'm stressed,too...but I try to quit from that...and find ways to cope with stres, in a more effective positive thinking or making plans, or maybe consult a pschotherapist...because I want to regain my'm drinking tea instead...normal tea my favourite kindes, of course...because the ones for losing weight are really bad for health...and I will start my dance classes soon...
One of the cause of the depresion may be this...of course i think there must be others more deep some few errors of the way I'm thinking, perceving the life and reality and the way i feel about my person...So I'm thinking to start some psychotherapy, in order to adjust them...yet I got to find a very good specialist for that, and still I'm not sure...You're very young yet..the battle only has begun..think you could have so much greater problemes, if the doctor says he havent seen must be a pshchological issue...witch means you can get better, it's up to u...
I wish you success and force to keep going and dont give up on you're way...start fighting with those parts of you that are holding u back in order to regain your mental confort and independence! Good luck! Take care!
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replied March 1st, 2010
U are not alone
I experience very similiar things . I am very absent-minded and I think the reason is my anxiety and depression . I have both disorders for a long time . What I do is check everything again and again to make sure I havent dont something wrong by mistake . But I still do . For example I always take the wrong bill after shopping, I burn the meals . And a lot of little things like that everydays .It s disturbing me alot because people look at u like, Are u stupid ?I know I am smarter than average (thanks to my degrees ) but I still look stupid .
Deniz (from Turkey )
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replied April 17th, 2010
Memory Boosters + Confidence
I share the same problems as you and Deniz.
The strong absent mindedness.
Maybe you can try short term memory supplements, I''ve been taking ginko biloba for a couple of months and although my memory hasn''t improved greatly, it''s improved nevertheless. In addition, I have an anxiety problem, that particular problem is said to be mental. That takes great confidence in your actions and choices in order to not worry about it. I do it anyway, for example checking my alarm clock every night multiple times. However, I took the strength to not look at it, ignore it, know I already set it, and slept. If I didn''t get up, oh well. I tried it on the weekend so I wouldn''t be late for work on the weekdays. It helped greatly; I was successful from checking it 20 times to 2 times. Although, that''s a small example, it''s a microcosm, of the whole "disorder"- the macrocosm.
So the conclusion, with some natural memory boosters and confidence, you should be better than before.
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replied September 20th, 2011
There's Hope!
I could definitely relate to your post - you are not alone. In school, I've always done really well and understood concepts that others cannot understand but I still struggle with paying attention in class and remembering what I learned. I'm constantly misplacing things and not remembering conversations which is so frustrating and I tend to blame myself for these things. Sometimes I wonder if I have early alzheimers, but even if I do, this is something I need to learn to be okay with because I can't change it. It is who I am and how God has made me to be and it gives me an even greater need to rely on Him. When I see myself in God's eyes, I realize that I am exactly who I am supposed to be. And the truth is that no one is perfect - everyone has their weaknesses and strengths, although it's often hard to recognize the weaknesses in others and we only see those weaknesses that are within ourselves. I've discovered that my strengths simply lie in other areas than memory and this doesn't make me dumb or take away from my worth whatsoever and the same applies to you. Counseling from a Christian perspective has definitely helped me realize this. It gives some great tips for overcoming absentmindedness and learning to live with it!
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replied October 23rd, 2011
Please help me
I am a 24 yr old lady. Recently I moved to a place which is far away from my hometown for the sake of job. Now a days I became so absent minded. My colleagues at workplace say that I am not paying attention to work and also feeling sleepy. But when am doing my work I am becoming so absorbed in it that am totally forgetting my surroundings. I am also forgetting where I kept what and I am wasting a lot of time in searching for things. I am getting frustrated and impatient when people are saying that am not doing well at workplace. I became very sensitive and getting too much hurt when anyone is saying anything to me. I want to bring to your notice that I dint have any breakup or bad experience recently but I dont know why its happening like this with me. Please help me out with ur valuable suggestions.
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replied February 15th, 2015
I am facing same problem.Please help me otherwise i will become mental.
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replied June 4th, 2012
hai everyone gooding through al ujr comment i can say i am somewhere in all your stories.........plz help me

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replied November 27th, 2012
I can totally relate to what you went through. I am 19 and right now I have hard time concentrating and I tend to learn and forget. It is extremely frustrating because I used to be a straight A-student athlete but everything changes after I went through one of the most stressful event of my life at the age of 17. Now I am in college and I am doing quite well when it comes to creativity and philosophy but I suck at formulas and math. Ed, I think the underlying problem has to do with stressful episode that you faced when you were 14. You might have some unresolved issues that you should either talk out your family or someone face to face. Perhaps meditate or do yoga to reconnect with your mind and body. Eat healthy and exercise. Do outdoor activities with friends. And finally be optimistic. You know what you wanna improve on and that's all it matters.
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replied November 30th, 2012
I'm experiencing exactly what you guys been suffering. I'm now 33 yrs old married with 2 kids. My absent mindedness started as I can recall back when I was in college. I often got mild accidents when doing some school activities. My classmates called me a name "clumsy girl", I feel so frustrated every time I made a laughing scene in public..Until I graduated in college and luckily I easily found a job.. It includes physical and mentally alertness. I'm fully aware that I have to do good not only because it's my first job but also I want to become a successful career woman in the years to come. But it didn't turned that way. I frequently making mistakes, for example misplacing important things, got easily tired, feel sleepy, loosing confidence to deal with guest and customers. In short I failed with my work performance 'till I decided to file my resignation. But I did not give up, I still tried to seek for another job luckily I was hired. I got two years in that company, the same mistakes happened. Then I got married and I stop working. I just stayed at home jobless, taking care of my kids for the past 7 years, doing all the household chores. My carelessness and absent mindedness never stop attacking, and I felt it become worst than before. I cannot recall names in a snap of a finger, my train of thought mostly affected, I easily get depress, my patience become lower and lower sometimes my speech is also affected. Sometimes I feel so scared. Is this also a sign of Alzheimers desease?;(
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replied February 9th, 2013
I dont think its linked to Alzhimer's, Ive been this way since my mid-teens and even a bit as a child. I know its not easy asking for help either because others trivialise something as seemingly small as "absent mindedness." Links have been made with depression and other emotional difficulties which drain the mind. Know how you feel at work also. Its important not to let yourself spiral downward too often, because it makes it harder to get out of the hole, seek support from your family and perhaps see a psycologist, it will help to put your mind at ease and build your confidence. Work on finding out more about yoursef, your talents and naturally strong qualities, and nurture them, and you'll see that you can still live a rich and interrsting life even if the memory does not improve. Wish you the best of luck x you are not stupid!!
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replied February 9th, 2013
Absent minded professor syndrome?
Hey man, I know exactly what you're going through. The worst part is no one else seems to understand that you have no control over the 'drifting off' and if there is a soloution i would love to find out! Im 18, came within the top 10 students of the entire twelth grade and yet at work, the the fryer is beeping for 20 seconds before it registers/ occurs to me to respond. Im learning to drive, and I may accidentally leave my blinker on while im driving down the street. Its scary. I've always been a day dreamer but it feels like my brain is deteriorating into mush these past couple years. People have thought me careless stupid lazy, but in truth i am a hard worker, tense and very fatigued pretty much all the time. I have also had depression and I think/dream too much for my own good, which seems to drain me from inside. You aren't alone and I know how frustrating this can be, especially when you know you are capable interlectually but it doesn't show for you in a practical sense. Bottom line, you're drained because you're a thinker in overdrive and possibly carrying some emotional baggage from your past that needs to be cleared so you can de-stress. Sometimes you dont even recognise you are stressed because this is the way you are used to livibg, and the reasons for feeling this way are so deeply buried. What I wanna know is, is there cure for thinking and caring about things? This is just a bad side effect of a mind with great potential. Best of luck in your search.
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replied May 3rd, 2013
Depression treatment psychologist
Infact our Central nervous system is built to bear stress for limited period of time and there are good stress and bad stress. Good stress helps in completion of our task and bad stress lands us into regretness.So,Good stress is good and Bad stress is harmful and could be very dangerous.our Central nervous system surely fails incase if we are bearing stress for a longer period of time( symptoms like hopelessness, forgetfullness, antisocial behaviour, fatigue, overconfident).In these situations there are multiple solutions must be followed in a very strictly.
1.Firstly accept that you are not born to have best self esteem & Do not push yourself to Do more, Forgive yourself , Love yourself, remember best days when you when you felt proud of yourself.
2.You should not feel bad that you are not mentally fit. It is very common that human mind works abnormally under prolonged stress.
2.When CNS is so disturbed by stress. Its a bilogical fact that you will face issues with memory, emotional intelligence (crying often, mood swings etc). So, Firstly your nervous system should be cooled down to zero state where you are completely relaxed, with zero stress and thoughts in mind. This will help in CNS adjusting itself for getting helthier and this will improve hopefullness, confidence, peace of mind. Fact of mind is that the more you stress it the more stupidly it behaves.

3.There is a psychologically tested therapy to avoid this kind of depression/disorder i.e
What is the therpy?
this is just a practice of striking of the alphabet 'e' in the text. Text alignment should not be in paragraphs it has to be justified(Ctrl+J in msword) not right/left justified. This E cut has to be done daily with exactly 12 hrs gap between . i.e like 8AM and 8PM. This practice will help in creating the thought cycles in mind and avoid mood swings and help in conquring of self.
4.Tracendental Meditation: its good if you are aware of this kind of meditation. This will help in coming out of depression completely.
Steps for trancendental meditaion.
1.Lie down on bed and take 10 deep breaths.
2.Concentrate to listen sounds around you. All sounds big sound small sound every sound(eyes open 5mins).
3.close eyes and stay relaxed very relaxed as if you are not tied to this world ( with a feeling of no responsibilites , no tieups,no tasks to finish, no deadlines, no dreams, all muscles relaxed and absouletely relaxed posture)
4.observe breath movement from nose upto lungs slowely and studily. keep concentrating all muscles abosoultely relaxed.
5.Now Tighten your both fist as tight as possible (apprx 2 mins. this should give you a feeling of stress, tasks on you, your responsibilities, your present problems, challenges etc) and loosen your fist, you will feel relaxed , light , floating. enjoy the relaxing movement . you will find life in relaxation.
6.Next move your toes towards front.. as front as possible and hold for 1 min, and feel muscle contraction and then move back your toes backwards.
7. Then move your palms open and move towards shoulders such, that biceps come out as tight as possible for 1 min and relax.
8. Then take a deep breath and bulge your abdomen as much as possible towards out . hold breath for 1 min and then leave.
9. Then take a deep breath and raise your chest and pull abdomen inside hold breath as much/long as possible.
10.Contract your jaw muscles, hold for a min and relax.
11. (important) Close your eyes (Tight, but not as tight as you feel pain), hold for 2 mins and relax but do not open eyes.
12. Raise your eyebrows as high as possible . strech the forehead muscle upwards hold for a 1 min and relax.
Reason for all these muscles contractions/ relaxation is that . Human mind under prolonged stress releses Adrenaline, Cortisol, Norepinephrine which result in mood swings, absent mindedness, agression, frustation, sucidal tendencies ironically Endophrins are the hormones which exactly work opposite to Adrenaline, Cortisol, Norepinephrine . i.e they help in peace of mind, improved memory, hopefullness, confindence, good mood, mental fitness. self conquer. This is medically proved method.
13. FACTS:
i.Always know YOU are more important than any thing in this world education, work, gf/bf love and its utmost important to have self love, self patting, self pity, self forgiveness.
ii. Never regret for the things that are beyond your control. try to stop as much as possible and after certain limit its time to realise i tried my best. and be happy with what ever the result might be.
iii. All your actions are thoughts that run in your subconsious mind no matter how much ever you try to control your subconsious mind runs you and all your life depends on how you program your subconsious mind.
14.Above E-cut, Trancendental meditation for sure cure the any stage of depression. but must be done consistantly.
if not meditation E-cut alone also can also heal to heart's pain.
15.These techniques, I have practiced on many patients and it also worked on people who were suffering from depression for more than 10 years.
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replied May 15th, 2013
hello all, this may seem as yet another copied reply, but i'm a 26 yr old male and also suffers from the same and may be if i am not wrong, i know the reason.
I believe this has to do all with your daily schedule, and your eating habits. Although, depression from N number of things can also be the reasons that i also have and am also suffering from the same problem.
Things like, not having a will to do anything within our reach, dead enthusiasm, even if someone prompts me then also i may be active for some time but after that i'm again, phhisssssss. Even Jim Carrey from YES MAN couldn't help much.
Kindly tell us something to sort it out.....
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replied May 28th, 2013
E-cut therapy?
What is e-cut therapy exactly? I tried googling it but did not find anything.
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replied June 16th, 2013
Re : Absent Mindedness
Seems every one in this world has Absent mindedness ( Including ME) I noticed who all done the typing don't even have a spelling mistake or Letter missing. But my friends i have that problem. When ever i m text i will missed out at least 1 letter. Don't know whether it is a memory problem or absent mindedness. Anyways guys try Luminosity, in that 4 or 5 varieties of Games are there relating to Memory, Attention, Speed etc . I think it is helpful .. Try
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replied September 13th, 2013
how could be an absent mindedness gone..i dont know what to do..every time i move i made a mistakes!!idont know where will i start..and im afraid to face other people because of this..everyone were laughing at me their talking about me....Sadi dont even know what is good or bad..or how to fix a very simple thing..Sad(im afraid how i will face my future because of just 18..all i have to do is to pray..and believe that somethings happen..;(((
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replied October 4th, 2013
The Absent Mindedness habit and some Solution that I have found

I am also suffering with the same issue of Absent-Mindedness.
But I observe that I do absent mindedness on certain situations or atmosphere. I am a web developer. So When I am doing my work I take care of every small details of codes and the look and feel of the website I am creating. But when I do daily duties like keeping something on table or rack, locking the door, etc. I forget something, You know when I go to bath I always forget to take my towel even. I have to come back from bathroom again to get it!
So one thing is certain, it has nothing to do with memory, My memory is working perfect I know each and every details of my work and other things and I can remember all these things and new also. The problem is with the attention.
When I do my work I have made the habit to keep attention towords my work. But when I am not doing my work, doing daily normal works (Normal means thinking its not a important work) I do loose my attention, and unintentionally start to think about something or things. And that make the mistake, because my attention is not on the work that I am doing.
So now the problem is that how to make it possible to be attentionful when doing any work?
Looked for some solution on net and in books. Found few one and I think they are really useful to BUT
"As I know this is a habit that I have developed myself and this is a long term habit, So I have to exercise also for a long term to get rid of this bad habit".
Now about those exercises: -
1. Whenever you are doing any common task (that you think its a daily common task for you) - Start to make a picture of what you are doing. For example when you are closing the door also see it in your mind eyes that you are closing the door. This will make your mind think at that direction and avoid you to start thinking on other things. Make it a habit for every small task, every time, its not going to take much time, as at the same time the work is also getting completed. But this will help you develop the good habit of keeping mind on the work you are doing.
2. For Daily things that you always do everyday, make a relationship thought in your mind for them, for example every day when I go to my office I have to take keys of my office,my laptop bag, a bottle of drinking water and my mobile. So I always have to take care that I don't forget any among them. So I have made a relational story in my mind and that is here "I just come out of the door of my house and found a very big bottle(even bigger then myself) upside down, forcefully dropping water on my laptop that is on the floor. To stop it and safe my laptop I start to put keys inside the bottle, suppose that there is a keyhole in bottle where I can insert key to stop water dropping from its down side. But I insert the key instead of just stop water its also started to ring a tune and I get surprised that its the ringtone of my mobile phone." Ok this story I had prepared from my imagination one time. And it help me life time, Whenever I come to my house door I always get alert that if I am missing any one of the things that I need to have with me.

These are just two example of exercises that we can do. There are other lots of ideas and even you can also create yourself. This is all joyful and help a lot to fight with this bad habit "ABSENT MINDEDNESS".

My name is Hozefa Saleh.
Afer all this my experience hope to advertise my business a bit also here Smile So any body reading my post here need a website or any in your contact need it, may contact me at +91 9725133676 or email me at contact at uniqueswebsolution dot com. or chat me at hozefasmile2007 at gmail dot com.
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replied October 11th, 2013
I've also been nicknamed clumsy or silly- the nickname .ditzy izzy followed me through school and into my adult life! But I'm extremely positive, extroverted, laid back, and did very well in school, I manage in my job but I'm always struggling to hide big stupid mistakes..on a personal level, I can't list the times I've sat in airports because I screwed up travel plans....sitting in one now feeling rather desperate for like minds/personalities thus I googled absentminded ness and found this forum. Thank u for posting...! This horrid scatterbrained tendency has plagued me my whole mother has said in frustration that she doesn't understand how I survive, I'm so useless...:/ but, my solution for losing items is to just move on-buy a replacement ring or phone or flight if that will lessen your stress. Money is only money and getting worked up each time isn't worth it but its hard.....
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replied May 1st, 2014
I'm 16 years old, I'm having this, there's already 8 months. But just realized a while. Doesn't know how it started too. My memorie is not the one it was one day, When I knew much more that happened than my friends.

I'm with 2 symptoms, one of the memory, it's like I'm not using all of my brain like I was, so almost nothing enter in my memory.

The second one, it's which seems like I'm using my brain Superficially. Like in a job you don't like and it's boring, and after some time, you start using your brain just to what is necessary, turning a little off.


This is not something from my head, or you have to do this different to better. No, no, it's something external, not internal. I need a pill, or something that kill a virus or a bacteria, THAT IT'S AFFECTING MY BRAIN. I was NOT like this, never. This is a momentary person, and I'm NOT like that.
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