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Extraction of all teeth in 4 year old

Our daughter is almost 4 years old and has lots of decayed teeth.Treatment adviced by community dental practice is to have general anaestetic and extract all her teeth rather then extracting some and fixing the rest as they may potentially decay further and have to be treated under general anaestetic again. Anyone's child had this radical procedure done and what were the results?

Other option is to have her treated on gas and air ,20-30 minutes at the time,with fewer extractions(4-6) and filling the rest.Total of 12 bad teeth.
Anyone had this done on 4 yera old and how did he/she coped?

Any other professional opinion or experience?

Quick history is that on x-ray decay on some teeth is quite deep,2 front teth are almost gone,its caused by snacking on small quantity of sweets often ,she didnt have milk bottle ,fizzy or sugary drinks and was brushing twice a day.Local dentist didnt want to treat her because of her age and amount of work so we waited for refferal since November 2008.Finnaly seen community dentist yestarday.
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replied June 12th, 2009
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It seems you have to listen to what the doctors are saying. If most of the teeth are already moving significantly or causing pain, yes, they need to be removed. I would say get them checked by other dentists as well.

By the way, how did she get all the teeth decayed?
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replied June 23rd, 2009
If 12 of her teeth are bad, that means 8 are not. You may want to plan to have the ones that are pretty much gone or causing pain out now and then seek a second opinion on what to do with the rest.

A dentist's first goal should be to get the patient out of pain. Your dentist then needs to determine LONG TERM what is best for your little girl. Most dentists I know would recommend holding onto the baby teeth you can and placing space maintainers to hold space open for the permanent teeth when they come in many years from now. If you don't hold the spaces open, the permanent teeth will have nothing to guide them where they are supposed to go into and your child can end up with extreme crowding and orthodontic issues that require years of braces to correct.

Hope this help!
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replied August 15th, 2009
My five year old girls is going to have almost all of her teeth remove this coming Wednesday as we have consulted the national dental dentist and their advise is to have it all remove in one go. any bad experience after the extration?? really need advise on this. Will she in great pain and how she going to eat??/
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