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hi everyone, hopefully you can help me!

im at the end of my tether i just dont know what to do.

me and my husband are ttc. have seen the doctor (as been trying unsuccessfully for 18month min) and he's refered me to gyno on 23rd Nov. my period is usually regular and last no more that 6 days max. however my last period lasted 15 days. i figured i might have been worrying over something i cant think what but it was odd and i just put it down to that. but this month my period has come when it should (day 28 after the last day of the previous period), but ive been on 21 days today and it doesnt seem to be letting up.

its not heavy, tbh its quite light. but im worried due to the fact im getting sore and that i have never been on so long. both me and my husbond are worried about ttc while im like this.

do you think i should see my GP/Nurse right away?
or leave it while i got to the gynocologist in a fortnight?

another thing ive been thinking on is could this be my Pill coming out of my system? i started taking the POP Pill (i forget the name) 28/12/06 and came off 14/02/08 so just over 12 month.

i dont know what to do or where to turn. like i said im constantly sore now with the use of pads etc have used sudocrem, vaseline and various feminine products to try sooth itching and soreness but none seem to work

please please help!

thanks in advance

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replied November 14th, 2009
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Hi sydneymad1,

No don't wait until the 23rd, go see the GP Nurse right away, no need in suffering if you don't have too. If you should become weak and faint-like please go to the ER as well. Needless to say, it is most uncommon to have a period as lengthy as you are having, whereas, I don't know what is going on medically with you, I do know it is not normal. Go seek medical advise ASAP!

God Bless,

Faded Rose
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