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Extended period on diet

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I have went to the Gyno about 2 years ago, I have ben on yaz for a year for my pmdd.. i have started this new diet that involvs a b12 shot every two weeks... and two pills that alter my eating... my period has ben normal and i started this diet about the 8 or 9th in july, i got my period on time on saturday the 10th and it ended on thursday the16th like normal.. this is where it gets weird. ok well 6 days later on wednesday the 22nd i got what it semed like my period again, i know there is no way possible for this to happen.. so me freaking out i got a prego test it was negitive.. i thought the shot or the pills were messing me up so i was like whatever it will pass... so here i am 10 days later and still bleeding, it was a heavy bleeding and now its like brownish but its not letting up, and it has spots of blood in it, and the way my pills are im suppose to get my period on time again i think next saturday. so this would be like a month of period and its driving me absolutly nuts!!!!!! so im freaking out and my gyno Dr dont get back untill monday so will someone help me???
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replied July 31st, 2009
Honey I just saw your post..Does your gyno. work with other gyno docs.? if yes someone is on call for your doc. if not you still need to be seen..

You are right something is not right..Unless things worsen first thing mondya morning call your gyno. and tell them you need to be seen or at least talk with doc. so they can say come on in..k
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