hey i've been noticing that i have been tired alot lately and it doesn't matter how much sleep i get half way threw the day it's almost unbearable. I'm 24 and i have a 6.5 year old son and i feel bad cause i never have the energy to do anything fun, i know in the past i've had problems with low iron but this just doesn't feel right, i end up with a headache and i just in general feel sick, is there anyway to know if it's my iron without seeing my family doctor? and if it's not my iron is there something i could be doing to boost my energy???
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replied February 8th, 2009
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No Way That I Know of
Hello Exhausted,

Yeap I know what it is like to feel tired and with a six year old to look after it would be difficult.

The only way that I know of reading the iron levels in the blood is via a blood test.

Now I don't know for sure as forget as a long time since I read this, something using a lazer or some such thing, the haeoglobin in the blood can be measured, but I might well be wrong here.

I really think that you should go to the doctor. There could be something wrong somewhwere and it may be determental for you to leave it for too long without treatment. ie a "stich in times saves nine" so as to speak.

As you have written a message here, it points to your health being a real problem for you, so see your doctor.

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replied February 17th, 2009
i just thought of something else i'm on prednisone 5mg starting off with 8 a day then decreasing by 1 each week could that be affecting my health??? i've had a cold since i started on them two weeks ago and i've been tired and had headaches as well since then along with loosing my voice!
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