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Exercise Induced Asthma Therapy that's working for me.

I had problems for years with closing up for 20mins every time I would ride or run.

Tried inhaled steroids, Albuterol before riding, caffeine, vitamin C and a few other things.

Ive been on this regimen for a few years now, and it seems more effective than the inhaled steroids (without the downsides of immunosuppression).

I just put this together from internet research and experimentation, I have no evidence besides my experience.

15mg of Lycopene twice daily, with one dose before bedtime. This is a tomato extract that supposedly helps with inflammation.

400mg Guaifenesin twice daily (But omit the morning dose if planning exercise that day). The second dose should be before bedtime with a decent amount of water.

Take an additional Guaifenesin AFTER each period of aerobic exertion, but NEVER before exertion.

This is an expectorant that Im thinking may help lungs heal and stay healthier because of better hydration

Loratidine (Antihistamine) year round. 10mg every day, up to 40mg during allergy season. My doc says the higher dose is safe, he has patients whove been on 40mg daily for years.

I also dont do any exertion if I have a viral infection affecting the lungs, and wait until fully recovered to resume. (Im thinking this will help with long term scarring, which my doc says is a problem for asthmatics)
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