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excessive vaginal discharge while pregnant

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So I'm about 7 months pregnant, and me and my boyfriend like to keep the spark alive behind closed doors. but recently - we have notice that my come/vaginal discharge during intercourse has greatly increased!! It seems to be the normal color (milky or clear). and has no sent to it. but we are a bit worried to this new change and wanted to seek help. its a bit embarrassing to ask, but we needed to know if it is normal for this to happen. the only way to find out is to ask!
please help! eek
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replied March 13th, 2009
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Yes, this is normal during pregnancy. If you are ever concerned something is not normal, I'd urge you to contact your doctor.

Some women get major discharge when they are pregnant, causing them to wear pantyliners it can get so bad.

If there is any odor at all, see your doctor.
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