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Excessive Vaginal Discharge

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My partner and I are sort of trying for a baby. We are not trying to hard as we are moving countries soon which would mean new jobs, and no maternity leave.

A few weeks ago I went off the pill, as I have been having my period for over three weeks. I thought this would give my body time to settle down before I went back on it again.

My partner hates condoms, so we have been playing around and using the withdrawal method, and then putting a condom on at the last minute.

Late last month when we were having a shower together there was a possible chance that he didn’t withdrawal early enough.

The last two days I have been having excessive amounts of Vaginal Discharge. It is exactly the same as normal, but it feels like I have wet my pants because there is so much of it! I have also been feeling slightly dizzy when I get up (never happens normally) and I am so hungry all the time!

*IF* I am pregnant I would be coming up two weeks, which is to early for a test. But I have not had a normal period off the pill yet so I do not know what my period dates would be.

Do you think excessive vaginal discharge would be an early sign? Some parenting websites say yes, and some other sites say no, it’s an STD. (we have been together over 2 years and have regular checks. No STD’s here)
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replied June 15th, 2008
as you have just come off the pill,the chances are still low that you can get pregnant,they say its like 4 to 5 months but it can happen! i am 7 weeks pregnant and i started to get the very heavy discharge at like 1-2weeks (now i know i wored my dates back)!!!

i did a test at 3 weeks,and it came out posotive then! but i supose for you it will be hard as you havent settled down into your cycle yet! but if you leave it another week or so then test!!!!
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