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Excessive masturbation recovery time

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I have been practicing masturbation since the age of 17 (Currently 25). I have been doing that with a frequency of 2 times a day. I noticed that I have been having not so hard erections for the past year and while I was trying to have sex with my girl friend I realized that I was not able to keep up my erection. However when she started to masturbate I was able to get an erection. I did a bit of reading on web and found that there is a good possibility of getting ED because of excessive masturbation. I have been practicing restraint since then and have been trying to recover my sexual health. Are there any suggestion into what else I can do to recover my sexual health? How long does it take to recover the normal sexual health? Any particular food that will aid me in this recovery?
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First Helper maverickman

replied April 23rd, 2010
May be restriant with normal sexual experience may help. I am not sure of foods that help. But with some dedication you can achieve normal experience.
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