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Excessive abdominal gas with diarrhea

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I am not sure whether it is as a result of food poisoning or not but I am suffering from violent production of abdominal gas. Sometimes it feels as if I am being puched in the stomach. This excess gas is resulting in explosive diarrhea and I am needing the bathroom four times a day. The gas is also escaping as very frequent burps. These burps leave a distasteful odour in the mouth as if they have been expelled fromthe very depths of my bowels. I am not experiencing any cramps but have been feeling very nauseous also.

All this has happened after a large meal with five other family members none of whom are getting the same symptoms (hence MAY not be food poisoning).

Thanks in advance for any advice you can provide.
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First Helper IqbalHamid

replied August 14th, 2009
I have healed myself by taking medicinal (activated) charcoal (soaks up toxins from the gut), wind settlers and vitamin supplements called Immunace to support my immune system fight the infection.
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replied October 20th, 2009
I have Irritable Bowel Syndrome and that's how it started for me. Always had a lot of gas and diarrhea. Burp a lot too. Do you find yourself running to the bathroom after meals? That was another sign for me. Oh, but mainly pain was how I could tell. You say you are not having any pain? Nausea could be just from using the bathroom so much your stomach becomes upset. Do you ever notice mucus in your stool? Do spicy foods make you feel a little blah? Those are all signs of IBS. I hope you find out what's going on. Good luck.
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