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Exact tutorial: Grow muscle as a beginner!

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building muscle mass as a beginner seems hard. Probably many of you have tried, but failed. Obviously, at some point I was a beginner myself and have some advice for you: it really only comes down to two ingedrients: exercise and nutrition.

If you have tried exercising but not seen any results it was probably because of a poor diet. To grow muscle tissue, your body needs a lot of protein. Protein can be found for exmaple in chicken, eggs or nuts. On the the hand, also make sure to eat enough carbohydrates and healthy fats (=unsaturated fats). Carbs and fats are important to get in enough calories in order to grow muscle. If you are trying to build muscle, ALWAYS eat at a calorie spillover! (eat about 500 calories more than you need).

The other ingredient to building muscle is exercise. For beginners, I recommend full-body workouts. They can easily be done at home and don't require more than 45 minutes to practice. Every workout should consist of about 6-7 different exercises, for exmaple push-ups, pull-ups or squats.

Remember, every workout is a waste of time if your diet is not on point.
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