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everything what I not what I actually need

I just wanna die..I hate my family..I hate my boyfriend as well..noone understands my feelings..
My parents give me everything..everything what I never give me what I actually need..I need their support..when I wake up in the morning my mom starts annoying me..she scolds me for everything..sometimes she curse me..I know I am lazy..BT what can I do..I feel very tired after doing some work..I am also very weak..I really want to help my mom in her work..but I can' they don't support me for anything, I don't tell them about my boyfriend..sometimes I thought is she my stepmom?
On the other hand my boyfriend know everything about my family..he actually understands me..he knows whai I need..But he does not have enough time for me..he always buzy with his friends..I know he loves me sooooo much..he does not want break up..but I need time to spend..I don't have very good friends..I always hesitate to talk to other a result I feel alone..I feel ugly..I feel shy..I have quite dark complexion.. And between my two front teeth their is a slight gap..and I am 4'11'' in height.. I am different from all of my cousins and brother and I feel isolated..i cant enumerate it at all.

I need peace..please help me..please...
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