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everything she eats shes been kinda throwing up.

Hi my gf and i just had sex friday night we were having unprotected sex and i was about to cum so i pulled out but it went away i came a little though, so i just wiped it off and went in again, then her parents got home so we stoped. Sunday night she said she wope up in the night to throw up . Then she was ok , then everything she eats shes been kinda throwing up. Then today she has had a head ache all day. Shes having to throw up simptoms nd her head hurts and her stomach kinda hurts. What is it? Could she be pregnant? By the way we had sex on friday night and she had just finished her period on Tuesday before that friday we had sex.
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replied February 8th, 2017
Extremely eHealthy
Your encounter was not well protected. There was perhaps some sperm left inside your penis when you re-entered.

Let's say her period started Jan 18th and your incident was the 27th, sperm could have lasted inside until ovulation Feb 1st and implantation with early signs would have been Sunday 5th. A pregnancy test Feb 15th would have a chance of showing positive.
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