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every morning i feel sick to my stomach

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im a male about to turn 20. when i was in school everyday when i woke up i felt sick to my stomach so bad that i usually throw up. and now when i go to a job interview or get a job and go to work in the morning i feel like that too and even before i had a job sometimes i still felt like that. and any little thing can send me to tears or make me mad. idk what to do. it effects my everyday life and i cant handle it
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First Helper WhereTreesGrow

replied March 5th, 2012
It sounds like it's time for some outside help since it's effecting your everyday life. When I was reading this, it sounds like what I've been dealing with for much of my life, but there are some things you can try to make it go away or at least come to a point where it is manageable.

Are mornings particularly rough for you? If you're feeling like crying or get mad during the day too, you may have anxiety which can cause many physical ailments including nausea and vomiting. I get nervous in the mornings, and sometimes nauseous, and when I brush my teeth, that usually makes me throw up. Be sure to eat breakfast every morning, even if you throw it up later, because your body needs food after you haven't eaten all night. On the mornings when I feel nauseous, I eat a light breakfast like oatmeal, dry cereal, a granola bar, some toast with jam, or something kind of bland and starchy. Some fruit like a chopped up apple, or some fresh or frozen berries (slightly thawed) are good too. You want to avoid eating dairy or things high in fat because that can make an already upset stomach worse. You can try yogurt though, for a lot of people, yogurt is gentle on the stomach, I think because it's cultured. Also drink something because your body becomes dehydrated while you sleep, dehydration can also cause nausea. I drink a tall glass of diluted fruit juice in the morning. I would start off with half juice and half water, and make it stronger if you can tolerate it. Avoid orange or grapefruit juice, because they're very acidic and can make your stomach feel worse. Coffee is pretty rough on stomachs and dehydrates you, but if you have to drink coffee to wake up, drink other things with it to rehydrate yourself. A lot of people find relief I drinking herbal teas for breakfast, chamomile is supposed to help calm upset stomachs, and so does ginger. There are also teas specifically made for relieving upset stomachs, but I don't ever drink tea in the morning. I know when your nauseous and throwing up, the last thing you may want to do is put stuff in your stomach, but having food in there often helps, and you need breakfast to wake your digestive system up in the morning.

If mornings are stressful, try to make some time to relax before you leave your home. Sit in a quiet room and breath deeply, and try to not think about what is coming up that day. I find counting to myself in my head helps me focus if I can't stop worrying. Oxygen is naturally relaxing. Close your eyes and breath in deeply through your nose while counting to five in your head, then exhale through your mouth while counting to five again. Just feel the air in and out of your lungs and try to focus on that to help clear your mind. See if you can slow your breath and make it to ten before you exhale to get your lungs full of air, and then exhale slowly and try to get to ten again before your lungs are empty. This breathing exercise can help when you're feeling nauseous, angry or stressed anytime during the day. If you're feeling mad or like you're about to cry, try to find a quiet place where you can take a few deep breaths, or even if you can't go anywhere, you can always do the breathing. Tell yourself that whatever is bothering you will eventually pass and that you will be okay. Even 5 minutes of relaxation can make a really big difference in how you feel physically and emotionally. Also try to get plenty of sleep the night before a big day, restful sleep is just good for everyone and helps with more things than you or I can imagine. Try to get a least four hours of sleep, and healthy people should sleep 8-10 hours a night.

If it's all still too much and it's still a problem, you should seek professional help from a doctor and/ or a therapist. A doctor can determine if you have clinical anxiety or something else and give you medicines to help. A therapist can help you learn what is causing your stress and help you find out ways to cope and handle it. Emotional stress can cause physical ailments very easily, such as nausea, headaches, trouble sleeping, pain, the list goes on and on. Eat healthy, get enough sleep, and be nice to yourself, those can help a lot. I hope something in here helps! Take care of yourself and don't give up.
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