I would like to start by saying that I've seen a neurologist at this point, and have thus far been diagnosed as having an Essential Tremor. The neurologist sent me for further testing, including an MRI. I am including a section with all the tests and results I can recall, as there have been numerous tests done on me by both the neurologist and my general physician.

Most of my medical issues, whether related to the tremor or not (can't be sure what's related at this point), started when I was 18. I am currently 24 (25 in a couple months), and I am a female. I am 5 feet 4 inches tall, and weigh 98.8lbs. Yes, I am aware this is way too thin. This is part of my ongoing dilemma.

I tend to lean more toward rambling, so I'll just lay everything out in sections. Symptoms/medical issues, Tests Run and the Results, Medications I'm currently on and any I've been on for any period of time, and Family History (abbreviated- BIG family, I'll include only major conditions/illnesses.)...

Essential Tremor (this involves an increasingly obvious non-resting tremor, mostly in the hands)
Occasional head nod, on bad days with the tremor
Slurring of the speech
Mental fog/general inability to keep a train of thought
Lack of emotion (used to be quite the crier, now even deaths in the family can barely emote an emotion)
Tendency to drop items
Issues with depth-perception
Muscle control issues, first noticed my hand would turn awkwardly when trying to move change from one hand to the other while working a cash register
Heavy/bruised feeling in legs after standing all day at work
Complete inability to gain weight
Lack of any real hormonal development (most women in both sides of family are larger chested/well developed)
Complete loss of tooth enamel, causing complete breakdown of all teeth
Restless legs/feeling like I need to constantly stretch the muscles in my legs
Severe post-nasal drip
Allergies to pollen and some perfumes, severe
Acne increase, was fairly acne free as a teen, this onset in early twenties
Problems focusing my vision/sometimes need to tilt my head to see clearly, even with my contacts in (valid and up to date scrip)
Feeling spacey/out of it
Trouble finding words (Used to be fairly well spoken/outgoing)
Suffered two miscarriages, one at 18 (6 weeks 4 days along), another 5 years (to the day) later. Not sure how far along I might've been, wasn't aware I was pregnant until I saw a bit of placenta mixed with the blood. I was not on any BC with the first pregnancy, was on the pill with the second.
RH Negative
Irregular periods, none at all on Depo shot
Headaches chronically, since childhood
Memory issues
Ovarian cysts
Joint pain
Issues with loose tendons/hips lock up painfully, had loose tendon issue in shoulder and elbow that put me in physical therapy
Mild scoliosis, sudden onset last year (2012). Woke up one day to notice my hips were suddenly lopsided, went to GP, was told I had a mild S curve to my back, mild scoliosis.
Stiff neck, almost constantly

MRI of Brain and Abdomen/Ovaries: Found ovarian cysts on left ovary, large but benign. MRI of brain completely normal
Hormones: Normal
Thyroids: Normal
Magnesium Levels: Normal
Lyme: Negative
EKG: Normal
Chest X-Ray: Normal
NOT Anemic
Slightly elevated LDL: 147
Liver & Kidneys: Normal levels in blood test
ANA: Fine. Lupus runs heavily on my mother's side, so I am tested fairly often for this.

Pretty regularly on some form of antibiotics (for multiple tooth infections)
Excedrin Extra Strength (Daily)
Nortriptylene (20mgs/day)
Was on a drug called Reglan several years ago, near the time the tremors started, for a severe migraine episode. Lasted a couple months, never had further care/more scrips for this, as I only received medical care through the ER (no insurance)

There's a family history of Parkinson's, but that's been ruled out. Family history of Lupus, but I don't have that as of yet.

I was in a nearly five year relationship, during which I was on zero birth control. I had miscarried from a previous relationship within a couple months prior to this, yet the entire time we were together and active, I never got pregnant. Within months of us breaking up and me moving far away, I put myself on the pill and in December (we split in July) of that same year, I miscarried again (was dating my current boyfriend, who I am still with) while on the pill. This may not be related to the neuro issue, but I find it odd that in the 4 years I was with the ex, who I know could get people pregnant (dirtbag! Lol), I never got pregnant despite never being on BC, and then literally right after I became sexually active in a new relationship, while ON BC, I get pregnant.

Very odd, but such is the mysterious inner workings of my crazy body.

I just figured I'd lay all of my symptoms out there, related or unrelated, from the time this tremor first made it's appearance, and see if anyone can put the pieces together.

The tremors and their accompanying issues, have gotten progressively worse since the end of 2011. I have what I call bad days, where they give me a head nod, not just the shaking hands, and the hand tremors get to the point where I will literally shake my cell phone out of my hand if I am stupid enough to try texting one-handed.

I rip zippers off baggies unintentionally, my handwriting is HUGE and twitchy... It's like my hands get away from me constantly. People look at me like I'm nuts, which I probably am at this point, because I'll sit there at work (I work in a Deli while completing my degree online), trying to put on the stupid plastic gloves, and will tell my hands under my breath, Come on, stupid hands, you can do it!

Anxiety/stress makes my whole body shake, but it's done that before the tremor condition began. Since I was a kid, when I was mad, scared or anxious my face would turn beet red, my heart would pound and I'd shake.

The tremors are much, much different.

Any and all help will be much obliged. Ask any questions, as well. Thank you!

****MUST ADD: Alcohol makes the tremors a thousand times worse, and makes my heart pound like I have a metal concert in my chest. This isn't with massive amounts of booze, this is after two glasses of wine.****

****ALSO: Have been tested for Wilson's disease, all clear on that front.****
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replied July 7th, 2013
One thing is certain: you don't have essential tremor. ET gets better with alcohol.
By Andre Strizhak

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