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Esophageal Motility Disorder w/Nausea

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About a year ago I went out with friends and took a shot of whiskey. Upon taking the shot, I felt an incredibly intense burning sensation in my throat.
I awoke the next morning with pretty bad acid reflux which then subsided after about three days. When the reflux went away, I was left with constant nausea.
About 3 months ago, the acid relfux came back and the nausea still remains.

I have had several endoscopies, a 24ph test, an esophageal manometry and a gastric emptying study. The doctors told me that I have a major motility disorder with my esophagus and a weak esophageal sphincter. I guess this is why the acid is constantly coming up which in turn is creating more nausea. Is that right?

I am taking Nexium (40mg), Zantac (300mg) and carafate for the acid and Buspirone 5mg, Nortriptalene (50mg) for the nausea. These last three months have been a living hell. I just want to know if we can reduce the acid, will my motility go back to normal and will my nausea go away?

Thanks for your time. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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replied August 31st, 2010
I am interested to know if you ever got an answer to this question. I have the same problem, a major motility disorder, weak sphincter muscle and intense constant acid reflux. We've been trying to track the source of the motility problem (saw a rheumatologist, got a ton of bloodwork done) and so far I haven't come up positive for anything. I guess it really can just be a disorder by itself. I'm pretty sure it is the motility problem that creates the reflux and not vs versa though. Correcting the acid does not correct the motility from the studies I have read. Check out electro stimulation or TENs therapy or acupuncture for motility. There are several studies that show it can be helpful even for the worst motility problems.
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