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Esophageal Candiasis and GERD: chronic symptoms

I am a 31 year old Male. I was diagnosed with the erosive esophagitis along with candida infection in my esophagus through an endoscopy procedure about 11 months ago. Doctor put me on antifungal medicine and PPI. I felt a little recovery but I continued to take PPI. Unfortunately in the last 11 months, I have been going through a constant persisting symptoms in my esophagus that varies from time to time: nausea, tightness, sometimes bitterness in tongue, pain like feeling in esophagus,etc. Again the doctor did an endoscopy last month, this time the results are the same: mild erosive esophagitis and candidiasis in lower esophagus. Following which some immunity tests are done. The results are normal. No significant immune deficiency found. I am in completely confused state now. Desperately need someone atleast to tell whatz going on in me.
The uneasiness that I have been going through for almost 1 year ,is due to candidiasis or GERD or hypersensitive esophagus or any other hidden immune problem?
Can the candidiasis be there even if I don't have any immune problems (as confirmed in my complete immune test)?
I got to know from my dentist that I have been developing a cross wisdom tooth before I got into all these esophageal issues but I did not remove it yet though I was asked to do so. Would this tooth be contributing to all these esophageal troubles? Kindly help me.
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replied December 4th, 2014
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The symptoms you describe are common acid reflux symptoms.
Correct usage of PPIs should keep the acid under control.
Candidiasis ("thrush") may have been caused by antibiotics you were taking for your tooth problem?
Candida is present in most digestive tracts but usually causing no problems.
If you have been taking high dose PPI for a long period of time, you could become anemic which could result in a mild flare up of candidiasis but antibiotics are most usually to blame.
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