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Erratic behavior

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Could some people with Bp shed some light on some questions, please.
My boyfriends behaviour became so erratic that I cannot any longer face the relationship. I wish to understand better what goes in his mind when he behaves the way he does, so I can possilby help him but out of the relationship. I still love him very much, but it is impossible to sustain the relationship . It has been broken in so many ways and I have been very hurt.
So, for the questions-
1) We had a 7 month relationship. The first 6 months were absolutely wonderful, I only saw some very slight mood changes. Why in the last month everything appeared- the rages, the infidelity, the coldness, the running away,the anwansered emails and phone calls, when before I felt I was dealing with a very loving person, who would love me, phone me, go out with me, care for me, help me, etc,with some ligth fluctuactions of mood, but nothing very bad. The last month was like HELL. I was blamed for everything, made to think I was the crazy one, he broke up with me twice, the last one really badly, was unfaithfull, had huge rages for nothing and said I provoked him, denied he ever had a realtionship with me, when he obviously knows he had.
So what was going on inside his head and why did he change so much.

2) How is it possible for a person to have a loving relationship, to say the partner is the only one for them and at the same time to get a woman in a bar to go out with. I dont think it is normal,I would never have done it. He himself was so worried I would do that on him, once I went to a pub with some friends and he phoned 7 times in half an hour to check me out. But I would not have done it, however he did exactly that to me and while the relationship was all right.

3) Why he used to adore me and now he behaves in a very different way, closing down the phone on me, when he himself asked me to phone him.
4) Why the silent treatment to a person they used to phone at 4 in the morning 'just to hear your voice'. WHY? This is not what a normal person would do by all means. It is TOO opposite behaviour. I feel that with my ex everything is either black or white, he can behave like if I`m the angel of his life (exacly what he told me ) and hates me like if Im a witch. Can anyboy with BP tell me why.
5) Finally, do you think this is a phase, do you think he will one day become that lovely person again or is it gone for good.
Should I wait or not. my family and friends do not want me to have anything to do with him, I myself only can see trouble ahead, but he phones me to go out and wants sex!!!!!!! He is talking about going out with the woman (who he says he does not like) and wanting me in bed with him. Please anybody shed some light in such a mind. Thanks.
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