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Erectile Dysfunction Problems

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OK - Here's my deal: I'm kind of a mess. I have had erectile problems as long as i can remember. A late bloomer, I didn't kiss a girl until 17, then didn't lose virginity until 20, and when that happened, I couldn't get it up on 3 different occassions before it finally worked. I have never been able to just get hard without manual stimulation. Anyway, things were OK for a couple of years, but when i was 23, i started taking propecia for male pattern baldness. I have discovered that this also has side effects of ED/ loss of libido. So I started taking Viagra for that. Basically it is 10 years later, I am 33, healthy, but I noticed I no longer get morning erections or any spontaneous erections and i have trouble getting hard even with 100 mg of viagra. Basically, it seems to be a perfect storm of physical, psychological and chemical problems. Anybody have any advice for me or have similar situations that might lend me some guidance?
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replied January 4th, 2012
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talk with your dr. it may be stress at home work or age
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