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Erected penis during medical exam

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I had visited uralogist, the doctor was a female doctor, she asked me to pull down my pants and underpants and lie on the examination bed to let her examine. When she came by I saw her and I had an erection in front of her immediately, it was so embarassing and awkeward. I use my hand and held my penis tight to prevent it from erecting while she continues to inspect my testicles and tummy area.

Is it normal to have an erection when examine by female doctor? What should I do, should I let it be normal and let it continue to erect while the doctor continues to examine me?

Please advise.

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replied October 7th, 2009
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Uralogists see penises all day long. It would be silly to think yours is the first they've seen in a very normal state. The less of a big deal you make out of it the more comfortable your doctor will be. Just treat the situation like a medical exam. Make friendly conversation, answer questions as best you can, ask all the questions you need to when you're heading out.
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