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Epitheliod Trophoblastic tumors ?

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Last year I needed an emergency hysterectomy. I was having serious pain one night and ended up in the ER. The next morning, I was having surgery. I was later told that it was Epitheliod Trophoblastic tumor, a very rare form of cancer. I still have my ovaries and worry that It may come back. I have read that it can also come back in your lungs or anus. My pap was good this year and I had an MRI of my abdomen, but what about the rest of me. How will I no? What are the symtoms? My Drs don't have much info and I was their first and only case. If you have any info or advice that you could share, I would be very grateful.
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replied August 7th, 2009
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You may ask for testing your serum level of β-hCG, since this one can raise significantly when the disease relapses in form of metastases at different body organs (small bowels, tonsils, brain, lungs) or you may ask for chest CT scan, intestinal X-ray and brain MRI.
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