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Episode of bloating

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This is a very hard to explain episode which occurs over about a day. We have been going to doctor after doctor for almost a year and none of them can diagnose or figure out what's wrong with my friend. He is getting very scared and frustrated and we need help! He has been having an episode that occurs about once or twice per week and it always happens following eating, however we can not attribute to any specific foods. When the episode begins, he feels a bloating sensation in his stomach as if he can not burp. Shortly there after, he describes a burning sensation in the back of his neck as if his neck is getting warm. Then within a minute or two, he says that he feels "high". But not its not a euphoric high .. he says its a bad high as if he took bad (illegal) drugs, which he doesn't. This high sensation is strong for 10-15 minutes and then subsides, but is still present for several hours. After the 15 minutes or so goes by, strangely enough, he feels pain in BOTH his lower legs. Yes, this is where it gets weird ... something he eats or something triggered in his digestive system causes a neurological reaction in BOTH legs ... from the heal of his foot, up thru ankle to about the middle of the calf. Then he feels extremely bloated and gas-ey, as well as somewhat lethargic. This state of being I just described lasts for several hours .. as much as 6-8 hours I think ... and after that, he starts to feel everything subside. The high goes away. At the same time, the bloating stops, he is then able to burp, he becomes very hungry, and the pain in both his legs goes away. But the funny thing is, following one of these episodes, he becomes constipated for 2 or 3 days. The constipation makes it apparant to us, that this is something in the digestive system which is triggering a neurological reaction. But we can't figure out what!! Is it something specific he ate? Is it something that can be treated with antibiotics or herbal supplements? Is it something more serious that we need to be worried about?? We also can't seem to figure out what kind of doctor he should see. We have been to 2 Ear/Nose/Throat specialists ... 2 gastrointestinal doctors, the last of which did many tests on him and could not find anything. He has been on Nexium for some time as we were thinking acid reflux, but the Nexium doesn't seem to help. Occasionally we have noticied the episodes to be less severe with use of the Nexium, but we are not sure if it is the Nexium helping or just "an off week". This cycle happens just about every week and is at times, very strong, sometimes causing him to be unable to work. Please help, my friend is in a lot of pain! God Bless!
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