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episiotomy, an open wound about an inch long

Hi im new!
Ok so heres the story had a beautiful baby girl 6 weeks ago had a forceps delivery
with an episiotomy that goes off to one side. Two weeks pp i was still in severe
pain when i looked i found an open wound about an inch long
and very deep to the side of my perinium. Went to gp got antibiotics
after a week still no change gp sent me to hospital where tey perscribed fucidin cream
tat didnt work so got a double course of antibiotics tat i finished 2 days agp
and the pain has got better but wound is still there. I have now been given fucibet lipid cream and told have savlon baths. Has anyone else ever expierienced anyting like this? I just want to know will i ever heal also any advise wud be great thank you.
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replied November 16th, 2012
My episiotomy also did not heal, but mine is a medio (down the middle to the anus) rather than medio lateral (of to the side) like yours. I too have a inch long slit from my vaginal opening all the way to my anus -- and my gyno said it was fine?! I'm going to another gyno in another state (we're rural) for another opinion. Best wishes.
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