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Epilim 600mg in morning and 800mg at night

Hi, My girlfriend has been on Epilim 600mg in morning and 800mg at night for past 18 months.
This week she has started having siezures again due to some antidepressent drug (Citalopram) she was on.
The doctor has reduced the antidepressent drug down from 30mg to 10mg Thursday.
They furthur increased her epilim from 600mg in the morning to 800mg today Friday.
She has had a 3 more siezures this evening lasting aprox 1 min, the last one lasting about 2 mins. She had 3 in 3 hours.
Phoned the doctor but they not to worried with the fits she is having as they not too long.

My question is would the new doze of epilim take time for it to take effect and make a difference, and if so how long for this to happen.
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