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epididymitis symptoms ?

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Hi i am 22 years old. I have been diagnosed with epididymtis. I have visted two doctors about it they claim it just takes time for it to heal. I have been on 2 different antibiotics bactrum and cipro (sorry cannot spell it) both prescribed from these doctors. I have had this problem going on 2 months now. THe symptoms arent as bad as they were when they first occured. I was on vacation when they first occured... :\. It seems the antibiotics didnt help with the condition.

My symptoms are:
Testicular redness (happends randomly not constant. when im working a lot or on my feet a lot it usually instigates it)
Slight testicular burning sensation like pain. (Not constant happends randomly and sometimes when im on my feet for about 3 hours)
Anal Itching (not constant)
Itching on the head of the penis (recently this past weekend it swelled and it was really infected but the infection went down but it still will slightly itch occasionaly and it still shows a slight redness but is getting better. the itching isnt constant)

Now my question is... is this epdidmytis? or could it be an allergic reaction to something? I have tried changing washing detergeant, using a new body wash, i have experimented with different underwears including briefs.

I also had a blood test (viral/bacterial test) done 2 weeks ago for my ent. Everything looks normal. I havent been sexually active either so it cant be an STD. Any opinions would help. Smile
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replied March 17th, 2009
how are you now
i'm in the same position as you I have orchitis and the pain has been with me for 2 and half months. Has there been any improvement? thanks
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