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Epidermal absorption of medications, chemicals

The skin as an absorptive organ has been proven via the patches used for transdermal medications. In order to bypass some of the protective qualities of the epidermis, these usually contain some sort of liposomes to aid in skin absorption into the membranes.
However, it is obvious that repetitive or prolonged use of some chemicals can cause absorption without the aid of liposomes. Many types of chemicals can and do pass the skin barrier to get into your body systems where your liver and kidneys work to rid the body of them.
Thus I think it would be wise to avoid repetitive or prolonged use on your skin of any product you are advised not to eat, unless it is medically indicated by your doctor, such as a medicinal patch, cream or ointment.
Cosmetics, soaps, lotions, creams, deodorants, perfumes...the list is long. We subject our skin, and oftentimes our systems to a myriad of chemicals. Do we really know them to be safe? Are we certain that they cannot penetrate the skin barrier even with all day every day use, or repetitive use? Are we subjecting our internal filtering systems to overuse and abuse by being careless what we apply to our largest body organ, the skin?

Recently liposomes have been added to many creams and lotions to get better skin penetration to "help" us for cosmetic purposes, but this also means they can bypass some of the protections of our skin.

What is in your deodorant, lotion, soap, shampoo, creams, makeup? What do you use on your kids and babies?Is there an edible alternative? Are lots of suds really necessary for cleaning?

If the smell of a soap lingers, it is obviously still there. It is made not to rinse completely off of the skin. Is it wise to wear these chemicals around all day? To sleep all night with them still so obviously there on the skin? What about your fabric you wear all day, does it have residues of scents from detergents and fabric softeners? If so, obviously it didn't rinse out and remains against the skin as long as you wear it. Or your baby or child wears it.
Do you thoroughly rinse yourself and kids after swimming in a chemical laden pool?
You might want to check your pantry for edibles that might work for you, or look online for alternatives to chemicals for your scalp and skin.
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