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Enlarged Prostate Causes and Risk Factors

Enlarged Prostate Causes and Risk Factors
What is an Enlarged Prostate?
Causes and Risk Factors
Prostate Symptoms

Causes of enlarged prostate
Doctors are not 100% sure of the direct causes of an enlarged prostate. Many medical professionals believe that androgens (hormones like testosterone), play a direct role in the development of benign prostatic hyperplasia. However, the cause of an enlarged prostate is not well understood at all. For this reason, some researchers believe that factors related to aging and the testes may spur the development of BPH.

Risk factors
Prostate enlargement occurs to almost all men as they get older. However, no definite information on risk factors exists. For centuries, it has been known that prostate enlargement occurs mainly in older men and that it doesn't develop in men whose testes were removed before puberty. Primary risk factors for enlarged prostate include:

Aging - The main risk factor, enlarged prostate affects almost 90 percent of men in their seventies and eighties, while more than 50 percent of men who reach their sixties experience symptoms.

Ethnicity - Enlarged prostate is more common among Caucasians of European decent than Asian men.

Heredity - A family history enlarged prostate may make a man more likely to develop the condition; or an enlarged prostate may occur because cells in one section of the gland follow genetic instructions and "reawaken" later in life.

Marital status - Men who are married can develop BPH or enlarged prostate more frequently than single men

Medical conditions - Men diagnosed with obesity, heart and circulatory diseases, and type 2 diabetes may be more likely to develop an enlarged prostate.

Symptoms of prostate enlargement can be uncomfortable and painful. But when should you see a doctor? And how do you know if pain is originating from the prostate? Continue reading our next section on prostate problems symptoms to learn more about when an enlarged prostate is serious enough to ask for medical help.

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