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Enlarged Submandibular Lymphnode

Hi, I've been having an enlarged lymphnode in my neck for about almost 2 years now. I've been to the doctor several test have been done with everything coming up “negative" for cancer, but the enlarged lymphnode is still there and it hurts from time to time.

First, on January 8th, 2018 the doctor did a SOFT TISSUE ULTRASOUND and it showed a Sonography right submandibular prominent node measuring 1.6 x 1 x 1.5 cm with prominent blood flow involving the entire lymphnode. The medulla of the lymphnode is effaced and the cortex is thickened, at list 5 mm thickness.

So in January 29th, 2028 he suggested a CT Neck Intravenous contrast for further evaluation. And that came with the next results:
Limphnodes: Prominent to borderline enlarged bilateral level 2 lymph nodes each meassuring 1.0 cm short axis. At the level of the hyoid bone, there is a enlarged right cervical lymph node associated with the carotid sheath measuring approximate 1.0 cm short axis. At the level of the right thyroid lobe there is a enlarged lymph node measuring 1.2 cm short axis. There is an enlarged right submandibular lymphnode measuring 1.1 cm short axis by 1.7 cm in AP dimension. The conclusion of this CT test is: Multifocal prominent to enlarged cervical lymph nodes, right greater than left. Largest lymph node is seen within the right submandibular region measures 1.1 x 1.7 cm in cross-section.

Given this results, the Dr. referred me in February 2018 to do a FINE NEEDLE BIOPSY of the right submandibular lymph node, level 1B. The final diagnosis of this was: No metastatic epithelioid infiltrates, granulomata, or Reed-Sternberg-type cells seen. Current flow cytometric analysis performed and reported to show no flow immunophenotypic evidence for a lymphoproliferative disorder.

So after all of this the doctor told me there is not showing of cancer. Which is a positive results. Then in September 9th, 2018 the doctor proceeded to make lab work for some viruses and it came positive for the Epstein-Barr Virus IgM Antibody with 153.00 u/mL range. He also checked for Lyme Disease which came negative with
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replied October 15th, 2018
Hi, given all this tests and results, could it be the Epstein-Barr Virus that is causing the enlarged lymphnodes or could it be something else?
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