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Enlarged Prostate with double inguinal hernia

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I have Enlarged Prostate with double inguinal hernia
no energy and vision pain can all this be tied to
Enlarged Prostate with double inguinal hernia.
I have seen Dr. on The prostate pain and on the herina.
its seam like i can't get a the correct Answer.
It seams like I'm getting pushed from Dr. to Dr.
And not getting to the root of my problem.
Pain started in April 16 and now it August 3
Health care Henry Ford Medical center
my age 48 old weight 145 lbs etc. Married

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replied August 9th, 2011
Extremely eHealthy
hi, since your hernia (s) are extremely common did they not suggest getting them repaired and they can also shrink the prostate, I believe it is done with freezing or heat
so what exactly did dr say should be done as generally repair of the hernia is the first thing suggested as best possible solution.
good luck
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