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I periodically get enlarged and painful veins in my feet and fingers. The veins appear swollen and there are more of them in certain places than there used to be. Also, the number of veins are not symmetrical (left side has a lot more than right side on my feet and fingers). It's almost as if new tributaries are being created. It's been suggested that I might have erythromylalgia, but my doctor isn't sure and doesn't know what to tell me. Any ideas what this might be and what can be done? Cold water helps the pain, but I'm concerned I might have something serious that isn't being treated.
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replied December 14th, 2011
swollen painful veins
I am having some of the same issues. The swollen and painful veins started in my right hand. They soon spread to both hands working up my arms. The same thing soon happened with both of my feet. Now the veins in my legs are swollen and painful as well. Have you gotten any answers from your doctor?
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